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Arsenal FC Celebration Corner

Arsenal FC’s Celebration Corner offers fans the chance to purchase a personalized, engraved plaque or stone in a Legend Bench displayed at Emirates Stadium.

Set into the wall next to the famous Thierry Henry statue, these red-and-white colored zinc plaques create the effect of the North London club’s iconic red and white scarf. Together, it forms a lasting tribute to Arsenal’s players, managers, and global fanbase.

“…a chance to be part of the fabric of Arsenal”

Four Legend Benches have been placed in front of the wall where the plaques are displayed. Each bench is dedicated to an iconic player from Arsenal’s history and clad with engraved, granite slabs. Supporters have the opportunity to purchase engraved personal messages on three of the four sides of the benches.

Powered by WooCommerce and developed by Cultivate, this initiative gives supporters the opportunity to celebrate the club, share their memories, commemorate a birthday or anniversary, or to make a family dedication – the perfect gift for any Gunners fan.

Cultivate customized the order process to allow customers to fully personalize and preview their plaque. Product Add-ons created additional fields to capture users’ selections and inputs, with a little added JavaScript.

Customers are allowed 28 days to change their inscriptions, with any changes captured and saved as a note against their order. “We made use of Follow-Ups to set up timed customer reminder emails,” explains Paul Burrows. Once the 28-day period is up, orders are automatically locked so no further edits can be made. “To help administer this, the orders screen was edited for the shop admin to see, at a glance, whether [each] order was editable or not.”

A downloadable PDF certificate is generated at the point of download, which includes a mockup of the customer’s plaque. The Cultivate team extended Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Export to include personalization choices as individual items, enabling Arsenal’s shop manager to easily export orders and produce the plaques for installation at the Emirates.