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Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

Offerman Woodshop

Offerman Woodshop is a woodworking collective based in East Los Angeles, CA.

Actor Nick Offerman and his team craft and sell custom furniture and gifts using local, sustainably sourced timbers. It’s a great example of combining traditional production methods with the web to sell unique products in an economically sustainable way.

Over the years, Offerman Wood Shop has designed and built all manner of unique items – including boats, furniture, pergolas, and ping-pong tables.

The website work of Aveling Ray has sincerely been the beating heart of our retail business, pumping the lifeblood of our products and our personality with vigor and consistency.
– Nick Offerman

Aveling Ray took on the challenge of building their ecommerce and fulfillment stack and redesigned the site to improve its content, conversions, performance, and customer engagement. “This redesign was an opportunity to provide more than just a new skin. It was important to consider how the business was evolving, and the ways in which our expertise could support and enable that growth.”

“…sales conversion improvements of over 50%”

These contributions lead to sales conversion improvements of over 50%. In the space of six months, the entire Custom Built section of the website also made significant advancements in search engine rankings.