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It’s a simple blog theme

November 28, 2008 - 18 Comments

It’s the 28th of the month and we’ve got just enough time to squeeze another theme release in before the end of the month, that mean’s we’ve launched 3 themes this month!

BlogTheme is another design concept that we received through our WooContest . Designed by Chris Rowe, who also designed Gotham News , this theme, that’s name is pretty self explanatory, has been specifically designed to cater for personal bloggers who like a simple, clean-cut blog design, with no bloating functionality, just the optional lifestreaming plugin that helps bring together all your social media profiles onto your site.

This theme is bundled with 5 colour styles, one of which we are sure we’ll suite you and your colourful personality.

You’ll want to read what we’re about to say!

We’ve decided that we will be launching some even more affordable themes, specifically for personal bloggers, with less functionality, but of course the same quality framework working under the bonnet. BlogTheme will be the first of these themes and available for an amazing 40 dollars ! Yup 40 dollars !

What are you waiting for, take this theme for a test drive , find out more about what this theme offers, and then give your blog a facelift.

As always please provide us with your constructive feedback.

WooThemes needs a Master Woo Ninja

November 4, 2008 - 15 Comments

Master Woo Ninja RequiredAs we continue to grow and release more and more themes so does our support queries in the forums. We have a dedicated team of great Woo Ninjas, but we are looking for one particular ninja who can dedicate a bit more time to our forums. We are wanting someone who will check the forums every few hours during office hours, and check in once on the weekend too. They will be responsible for answering woo users queries and the general day to day administration of the forums.

The exact hours you work are pretty flexible, you can work from home and earn good money, not to forget you receive a developer’s license to all our themes. All we require from you are some great html/css skills and sound wordpress knowledge, as well as a love for WooThemes. We request a minimum of 500 forum posts a month (exact terms available upon request).

Sound attractive? We are only accepting one Master Woo Ninja for now so if you think you have what we need get hold of us asap on

Follow WooThemes on Twitter!

October 30, 2008 - 5 Comments

Many of you have already been following me, Adii and Mark on Twitter, where we post our random thoughts and also tweet about WooThemes.

But now you can follow the official WooThemes twitter account to stay updated on small and big things happening, and we might even throw out some twitter-only news on upcoming special deals before they happen. Well worth it in other words 🙂

Week 3: Roundup of our favorite WooContest submissions

October 27, 2008 - 12 Comments

It’s only 5 days until Halloween and the end date for our WooContest, so still some time to get your designs in to us. Our Flickr Group now holds 150 members and 105 contest entries which is pretty impressive! If you haven’t already seen our previous favorites you should take a look.

We have been busy gathering guest judges, and we have a few great web designers who were able to help cast their votes. We will be posting more details later in the week as the contest ends. Here is four more designs that we think are top notch.

Purwokerto by Deny Sri Supriyono

TripBlog by Maikel Neris

Newspaper Blog by Didats

P*wned by izuddin.helmi

WooTheme Teaser: How do you like your eggs?

October 14, 2008 - 20 Comments

There have been lots of theme concepts floating around the WooCamp lately, including collaborations with well know designers and lots of good WooContest entries, so I thought I would add to the mix. We’ve been lacking a good business theme after the launch of VibrantCMS, and that is why I wanted to design a sleek and sexy business theme directed at small/one man web/coding companies, but also versatile enough to be used as a personal blog/portfolio.

The front page template includes a prominent header where your message will come accross to the visitor, and your work / products will be displayed in the slider underneath. There will also be numerous color styles just like in VibrantCMS so it will be easy to find something to fit your brand. Check the screeshot for a few already made.

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Week 1: Roundup of our favourite WooContest submissions

October 13, 2008 - 16 Comments

We’ve had an amazing response to our WooContest and already have 39 items in our Flickr group. We will be listing a few designs each monday until the contest ends that we think stand out amongst the crowd. We also want to point out we are looking for all types of designs and not only magazine layouts, so we really hope that we see some more unique designs.

In no particular order here are some of our favourites:

Store Front by pbiscuit

Slurpie by IzuddinHelmi

sanduneBiz by Nick Desai

Disclaimer: These designs where handpicked by the WooThemes team and are some of our favorite designs to date. In the end it is the design with the most positive comments on Flickr, and the design that gets most votes from our guest judges that will be selected as our winner and runner up.

WooContest – Submit your design and win!

October 3, 2008 - 135 Comments

WooThemes ContestAs you all know, we at WooThemes love collaborating with industry-leading, creative designers and launching stylish and unique WordPress themes every month. We also love seeing how our fantastic community of users customize and implement our themes.

We therefore thought it would be a good idea to launch a competition where you our readers/users can get involved, and gain some exposure, designing a theme concept for us. Not to forget, you stand the chance to win some big money!

How to enter

To enter the competition, contestants must submit a  theme concept you think would go down a treat on WooThemes.

  • The design must be created in Photoshop, Fireworks or Illustrator format.
  • The website container must have a width of between 940 and 980 pixels, catering for the average 1024 X 768 user.
  • The entries must be submitted to the WooThemes Flickr pool in jpeg or png format and tagged “Woocontest”.
  • Entries must be submitted before midnight on 31st October 2008. That’s Halloween night! Woooooooooooooo.

Your submission on Flickr must include:

  • Your name and any URL you would like linked to in case you win.
  • Any stock or source images you have used including URLs. Be sure to only use stock images that have Extended Usage licenses that allow for distributing the theme design once coded, otherwise avoid use of stock images.

The winner will be chosen according to the amount of positive comments it receives, as well as feedback gathered from guest judges (guest judges will be announced soon).

The winner will receive $2000 and a 6 month develop license, whilst the runner up will receive $1000 and a 3 month develop license. Both will obviously grab a heap of exposure.

We will then add some wordpress magic to the concept and launch it is an official WooTheme, crediting our winning designer.

Terms and Conditions

  • The theme concept submitted must be entirely your own work. As mentioned above if stock imagery is used it must have an exttended usage license.
  • By entering this competition you consent to your theme concept possibly being used by WooThemes and avaliable for purchase on our site. First and second prize will, as already stated, be awarded a cash prize for their work.
  • If any other theme concepts are used by WooThemes the designer will be informed and a once-off fee will be awarded to the designer for the concept. The fee will be agreed upon by both parties. Sales generated off the theme will be kept by the company.
  • The winning theme concept and the runner up may be required to mock up an inner page before payment is made, determined by an inspection of the design source file. A clearly noted grid structure is highly recommended.

5 minutes with Woo: Go Innovate

October 3, 2008 - 1 Comment

Go Innovate This week we interview  Craig Haggart of Go Innovate.

Goinnovate is a passionate, enthusiastic web design studio located in Leeds who believe in forward compatibility, web standards, and building web sites that are browser compliant.. We ask Craig a few questions about why they opted to base their recent re-design on a WooTheme.

Craig, you are using our Proudfolio theme, right? Just asking, because you have really done a great job of completely changing our basic theme…

Thank you very much I’m glad you guys like the design, and Yes it is true the website uses the Proudfolio theme, it’s hard to believe when you look at. We stripped the whole thing down and built it from scratch; kind of like dressing a manikin, the structure was there we just dressed it with our own style.

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Hot off the press

September 29, 2008 - 19 Comments

Hot off the press and in most UK newspaper/stationery stores is Issue 149 of Web Designer , the only serious tutorial-driven monthly publication dedicated to online creativity available in the UK .

Issue 149 focusses on the wonderful WordPress , giving you history and tips behind Web 2.0’s blogging behemoth.

We were approached by Web Designer last month and asked if we would contribute any of our WooThemes for this issue’s accompanying CD. After a brief chat Adii, Magnus and myself decided it would be silly to pass on the opportunity of marketing WooThemes to the huge following of this great magazine. After careful consideration we decided we would offer both Papercut and Proudfolio . That’s right two of our premium themes are avaliable for free with Issue 149 of Web Designer. Also in this issue is a step-by-step detailed tutorial on how to develop your own WordPress theme, albeit quite a basic one.

What are you waiting for? Make sure you pick up your copy today!

5 Minutes with Woo: GoMediaZine

September 26, 2008 - 9 Comments

This week we interview Jeff Finley of GoMediaZine.

GoMediaZine is a group of guys and girls passionate about art and graphic design. Their website is a great resource for any aspiring designer with a massive following. Recently they re-designed their website. We ask Jeff a few questions about why he opted to base their new design on a WooTheme.

Jeff, first up, we’ve got to say that GoMediaZine is our favourite modification of a WooTheme ever and you’ve become somewhat of a flagship of inspiration for us. Can you give us a bit of insight into the design?

Thanks, it means a lot. I chose Fresh News because it had a lot of the functionality already built in and I just needed to tweak the look. I didn’t want to just change colors. It was a big deal for me to infuse a little bit of Go Media’s rich illustrative brand but still keep it clean and well organized. I felt a mild textured look was appropriate but I didn’t want to do a “grunge” design if you know what I mean. I used elements from the memorable Concentric Circles Series that Go Media’s Oliver Barrett did 2 years ago that have become somewhat of a Go Media staple. I figured it was an iconic image that people associated with us, so it fit perfectly. And the hand-drawn-looking “hair” or whatever you want to call it is another design element that I have been using a lot in my work that people kind of recognize as a Go Media thing. We have a “hair” vector pack that is very similar. The choice of a deep purple was a new one for Go Media. In the past, our Go Media sites have been focused on the yellow (which was initially part of our brand), which I honestly think is a hindrance. I want to explore other colors, and naturally purple is yellow’s complimentary color, so it worked nice. The texture came from the back of an old record sleeve. Nice and dirty.

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The WooThemes Showcase has arrived

September 8, 2008 - 7 Comments

WooThemes Showcase - Websites using WooThemes Templates As mentioned in my previous post, 13 wonderful websites using WooThemes , our plan has been to introduce a CSS gallery showcasing only WooTheme based websites. The idea behind the showcase is to get our readers inspired about the possibitilities of our WordPress themes and drive traffic to our wonderful community of designers and bloggers already using WooThemes.

We’ve managed to put together our design showcase in record time and we are pleased to point you to it at .

Have a browse around some of our favourite website designs, leave some constructive comments for the webmasters and give the designs your personal star ratings.

13 Wonderful Websites using WooThemes

September 3, 2008 - 5 Comments

Just a quick note to point you in the direction of a post I’ve recently written featuring 13 wonderful websites using our WooThemes.

As our registered users are aware there is a showcase forum in our support forums where you can submit your customization of a WooTheme for others to view. A showcase gallery, viewable by all our site visitors, is in the pipeline for the WooThemes website, but we hope this will suffice for now.

Smells like Fresh News

August 27, 2008 - 6 Comments

Liam and his crew over at Function have had a go at making some grunge styles for Fresh News. The result is stunning and we are releasing this add-on for all you previous owners of Fresh News. First of all go check out the five new grunge styles on our theme preview, by using the lovely style switcher at the top right of the page.

Fresh news is now version 1.2 with this latest update. If you have already purchased the theme and just want to add the new grunge styles, here is what you must do:

  1. Log in to your WooThemes account and download the v1.2 from “My Theme Downlods”
  2. Unpack the new version and upload functions.php, style/*.* and functions/*.* with your FTP client.

You must also add a new div to your header.php and footer.php files. If you haven’t made any modifications to these files from the original, you can just overwrite your current files. If you have made modifications to your files you must manually add one line to header.php after the body tag:

You must also add the end tag for this new div in the footer.php before the end body tag:

That’s about it. If you have any trouble updating please don’t post in the comments. Our forum staff is ready to help you out with those questions.

New and Improved Demo Style Switcher

August 20, 2008 - 13 Comments

One of the key features with our themes is the multiple styles they come packaged with, that you can easily select with a click of a button in our options panel. We are now proud to introduce our custom made theme/style switcher for our demo themes.

Now you can preview all the different themes by selecting your theme from the drop-down select box and then selecting the style you want to see! A lot of people have been asking for this so go straight to our new demo and check it out!

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