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WooCommerce Payments: Deposits

One of the largest concerns of any for-profit business is simple: getting paid. The documents in this section explain how often your account balance is paid out to your bank account, as well as questions you might have about deposits.

NOTE: You may heard of deposits being referred to as “payouts” before. Although the terms are differents, they refer to the same thing.

The WooCommerce Payments Deposits page, showing upcoming deposits

Deposit timing

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The main page to review on deposits is our deposit schedule document. It explains how often your balance will be paid out depending on your business location and several other important details to keep in mind when it comes to getting your money.

We also have a document on why your deposits might be suspended and what to do about it.

Managing deposits

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In some cases, it is possible to change your deposit schedule to better suit the needs of your business. You can also change the bank account that deposits are routed to.

If your store accepts multiple currencies, you may also want to add more than one bank account in order to avoid currency conversion fees.

Instant deposits

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Instant Deposits (available to some merchants) are a way of getting even faster access to your money. Our Instant Deposits guide provides an overview of the feature, and this FAQ page explains the differences between Instant Deposits and regular deposits.


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