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Subscriptions Developer Docs


  • Admin Change Payment Method Integration Guide

    This article provides developer documentation for adding support to a payment gateway extension for Subscription v2.0’s new Change Payment Method section of the Edit Subscription administration screen. If you are a developer of a payment gateway and have not yet provided support for processing subscriptions, please read the Subscriptions Payment Gateway Integration Guide. Background A […]

  • Complete Guide to Scheduled Events with Subscriptions

    Scheduled Events Overview Scheduled events are actions that happen at particular times. WP-Cron and Action Scheduler are systems that trigger and run events. Both of these systems run in the background. Action Scheduler excels at batch processing, storing the actions, error logging, and providing an interface for interacting with the system. WP-Cron WP-Cron is WordPress’s […]

  • Conditional Coupons for WooCommerce

    Offer the Most Relevant Discounts at the Perfect Time Customers love discounts, so don’t let them miss a great deal. To maximize conversions, present your best offers and coupons in a variety of formats to the shoppers on the cart page, just as they’re completing an order. Installation Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce […]

  • Developer Guide to Cart and Recurring Cart Fees

    The following guide is written for developers who want to add fees to the WooCommerce cart and would like to learn about how these fees interact with WooCommerce Subscriptions. The guide explains how fees added to the cart act by default, and how they can be customized to be applied only to the initial order […]

  • Developer Guide to Failed Recurring Payment Retry System

    WooCommerce Subscriptions is a premium plugin, and version 2.1 introduced a new system to automatically retry a recurring payment that previously failed. This guide provides a technical overview of the Failed Recurring Payment Retry system and is intended for developers looking to customize or otherwise interact with the retry system. We recommend reading the Store Owner Guide […]

  • Developer Guide to Multiple Subscriptions

    When using WooCommerce Subscriptions, multiple subscription products can be purchased together in the one transaction. This guide provides an overview of the technical implementation of multiple subscription handling. For a more comprehensive overview of the system, including the decisions involved in choosing this implementation, refer to the Store Manager Guide to Multiple Subscriptions. If you […]

  • How Does Subscriptions Handle Staging Sites and Migrations?

    WooCommerce Subscriptions & Subscriptions by WooCommerce Payments can handle staging sites and migrations. Many hosts provide an easy way to create a clone of your website for testing changes. This is called a staging site. To prevent duplicate payments from a clone of your site, Subscriptions and Subscriptions by WooCommerce Payments will disable automatic payments […]

  • Introduction to Subscriptions Developer Documentation

    This documentation is written for WooCommerce developers who want to extend or integrate with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. To follow this documentation, you need an advanced understanding of PHP and WordPress development. If you are looking for a guide to creating and managing subscription products in a WooCommerce store, please refer to the Store Manager […]

  • Subscription Caches

    WooCommerce Subscriptions v2.3 introduced a persistent caching system to improve performance by avoiding slow database queries. Subscriptions’ persistent caching system uses a caching layer for: a subscription’s related orders all the subscriptions for a customer This system speeds up many functions on the Subscriptions extension, including the amount of time it takes to process a […]

  • Subscription Function & Property Reference

    If you are looking for a guide to creating and managing subscription products in a WooCommerce store, please refer to the Store Manager Guide instead. This guide introduces some of the functions available for working with subscription data. It is not intended to provide tutorials on how to achieve certain tasks with a subscription, or […]


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