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Offer your existing products on subscription, with this powerful add-on for Woo Subscriptions.

Allow multiple schemes with different sync dates to co-exist

I just realized, that I can’t add two weekly subscription options to a product. As it makes sense, that this doesn’t work for subscriptions with no synchronization it would be great to allow this for subscriptions with synchronized payments. Because than, I can offer a weekly subscription for e.g. milk for all weekdays Monday through to Sunday and not only one day per week. And a customer can have maybe also two weekly subscriptions for the same product but for different days. I would use this together with this plugin (, because of course it only makes sense, if the schedule is preserved… best regards!



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Last updated: August 31, 2023

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  1. hyperterry says:

    I would love this. Have a few subscription item website clients who do deliveries on different dates each month and need global plans to handle many products at once without having to create (for example) 40×12 variant products to handle specific renewal dates of 40 products that are yearly and delivered in a month chosen by customer :).