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Tumbling along

October 20, 2010 - 38 Comments

Express & WooTumblog

Today is a big day for us. Our first WordPress plugin release AND our first iPhone application launch. That’s right a plugin and an iPhone app released on the same day. Why? Because they work beautifully together.

The Woo Tumblog Plugin

Jeff has been quietly and stealthily been working on a free plugin that brings the functionality behind our popular tumblog themes to plugin format. That means you can turn your custom WP theme, or whatever theme you use, into a WordPress tumblog – easily posting images, notes, links and quotes to your site from your WordPress dashboard, or by using our iPhone app.

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Everyone benefits from our company retreat

March 31, 2010 - 16 Comments

It’s been a month since our company retreat to the Austrian Alps where we enjoyed a week of snow, ski, jagermeister and a little bit of work – how we all wish we could be tele-ported back there right now.

We’ve been absolutely astonished by the amount of media attention our company retreat attracted. It even featured on Mashable yesterday with Josh Catone, the features editor, writing an excellent case study on our social media success surrounding the trip.

Not only did the trip itself attract a lot of attention, but we got a lot of people admiring the WordPress tumblog theme we built to efficiently, and very easily, live blog the activities in the Alps. We therefore decided it was appropriate to add some polish to the theme, and add some more functionality, then release it for general purchase.

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Mobile Officing Extreme

March 4, 2010 - 23 Comments

Woo on the slopes

Late last year I was sitting at the barber shop, getting a haircut. The barber felt obliged to ask me what I do for a living. I tried to explain to him, in a non-technical way, how I “designed websites”, and managed the business with my 2 business partners in Norway and Cape Town… who I’d only met face-to-face a handful of times.

Of course the conversation went dead then as he was obviously a little confused by this internet thing I did. I quietly kept thinking about our rather unique business, and how completely mobile we actually are. Why don’t we really take advantage of the perks of mobile officing?

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