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Automatic User Roles Switcher

Automatically switch user roles based on various conditions like product purchase, customer's life-time spent, order amount and more.

WooCommerce Automatic User Role Switcher enables you to automatically switch user roles based on various conditions like a specific product purchase, the total order amount, the customer’s total lifetime amount spent, and more.

Managing users across different roles enable merchants to offer different pricing, promotions, products, and personalized choices to improve the user experience and conversion rate. However, managing users across different roles manually is time-consuming. Our extension can help in automatically switching user roles based on various conditions.


  • Automatically switch user roles based on variation conditions
  • Rule-based management to switch user roles
  • Add rule beginning and ending dates
  • Option to revert the user role after X days
  • Send customizable email notifications to customers about role changes
  • Ability to grant additional user role
  • Switch or grant additional user roles based on:
    • Purchase of a specific product
    • Purchase of any product from the selected products
    • Purchase of specific quantity from selected products
    • If, an order falls within a specific amount range
    • Customer’s total lifetime spending
    • Products purchased from a specific category or tag
    • Customer registration email domain

Automatic user roles switching

You can create multiple rules to switch user roles based on various conditions. While creating a new rule you can customize the following options:

  • Add rule tile
  • Choose assign new user role switch existing user role
  • Select current user role(s)
  • Specify new role
  • Select the condition for switching
  • Add starting and ending dates for rule
  • Enter X days to revert to a previous role (leave it empty to permanently grant a new role)

Role switching conditions includes:

Following are the conditions based on which you can automatically switch the user role of any customer.

  • Purchasing from selected products
    You can select specific products and grant user roles if a customer purchases from any of the selected products.
  • Purchase specific quantity from selected products
    You can select the individual products, categories and set quantity requirement. The user role will be switched/assigned once the customer purchased required quantity from selected products.
  • Current order amount
    You can specify a minimum and maximum amount and switch the role as soon as the order total falls in the defined range.
  • Customer’s lifetime spending
    You also change user roles based on the lifetime spending of your customers on your website.
  • Purchases any product from specified categories or tags
    The user role will switch if a customer purchases any of the products from selected categories and tags.
  • Domain name of customer’s email address
    The user role will switch if the customer email address has specific domain. For example when you have or the customers having email will automatically gain or switch to selected user role. (,

History of user roles switching:

The extension maintains a brief history of the user roles switching along with the reason for the switch such as specific product purchase, product purchased from a specific category or tag, order price range, lifetime spent of a customer.

Email notifications

You can customize the email notifications that are sent to customers when their user role is changed. The extension offers multiple variables to customize the email body copy.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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