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Custom Product Tag Image

Add images to your product tags and display them on product and archive pages.

Custom Product Tag Image is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to enhance your product tags with custom images. You can display these images on the product and archive pages. There is multiple positioning to choose from, and you can decide to display just the image, the tag, or both.


  • Add images to your product tags
  • Display tags on the product and archive pages
  • Choose from 6 display positions:
    • Before product price
    • After product price
    • Before product description
    • After product description
    • Before Add to Cart button
    • After Add to Cart button
  • Separate position options for the archive and product page
  • Display only image, text, or both
  • Customize the text font size and font family
  • Show tag image in a round or square shape

Use Cases

The Custom Product Tag Image extension can provide important information about product material, condition, or ingredients. Some examples are:

Fashion store

A fashion store could use this extension to give their product tags attractive images that represent information such as breathable, cotton, new arrival, brand, sizes, and more. Images can communicate key information more effectively than simple text, as well as enhancing the presentation.


Food store owners can use this extension to describe product ingredients such as chicken, beef, meat, vegan, sauces, spice level, and more.

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