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WooCommerce Address Autofill plugin helps you save your customers valuable time by automatically filling address details during checkout. It decreases incomplete orders by auto-filling customer shipment details by Google’s address autocomplete feature. It is an intelligent and easy to use extension that syncs your store with Google Maps location detector.

Whenever a customer enters address information on checkout form, this plugin fills out the customer’s address details in the provided fields. This not only saves the customers time, but also improves your store sales.

Features of Google AutoFill Addresses for WooCommerce

• Uses Google API for auto-filling customer addresses
• Auto-complete address on the checkout page in the billing & shipping section
• Autofill address in the order details page in the admin panel
• Automatically fill the address in the customer’s My Account dashboard
• Option for admin to restrict specific countries
• Displays location on Google maps on the checkout page
• Multiple Google map themes for store owners
• Easy configurations

Auto Fills Address on Checkout Page

When the customer selects the location on the map, the address is automatically fetched by Google API including Country, City, State, Zipcode, and other key details. This information is automatically filled into the relevant fields.

woocommerce google autofilll address

Displays Address Suggestions

During the checkout stage, WooCommerce Autocomplete plugin shows address suggestions based on input details. The suggestion will appear in drop down list.

woocommerce google autofilll address

Restrict Shipping Method for Specific Countries 

You can restrict any shipping method based on specific countries. That country will be invisible for customers on checkout page.

Customers can Choose Address with Map Marker

Customers can easily drag the map marker wherever they wisht to get the items delivered. Through real-time validation, the Google API finds and auto-fills the address details in the fields.

woocommerce google autofilll address

5 Different Map Layouts

You can also select map views and layouts that suit your website theme. This compliments your store appeal and improves the checkout experience.

WooCommerce google autofill

Autocomplete address in Order Details Page

It also autofills customer address in order detail page at admin panel, so its helps admin as well.

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Autofill Address in Customer’s My Account Page

Autofill Google address plugin also completes the address automatically for customers in their my account page.

Autocomplete address in Order Details Page

How to Get Started

  1. Purchase Google AutoFill Customer Addresses from WooCommerce.com
  2. Download and install the extension
  3. Activate the extension
  4. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Google Address Autocomplete on the Checkout  tab to enable and configure the settings
  5. Read the full installation guide here


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