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Keap Integration for WooCommerce

Keap Integration for WooCommerce plugin helps you to sync & manage your WC store data like orders and products over Keap CRM.


Use the Keap Integration for WooCommerce plugin to synchronize your WooCommerce contacts, products, deals, and orders. The plugin becomes user-friendly because of interesting features such as allowing bulk sync or one-click sync.

Keap Integration for WooCommerce Plugin allows you to sync your products, orders, and contact information over the Keap CRM. The plugin is devoted to increasing your eCommerce sales by letting you extract maximum benefits from the Keap CRM formerly known as the Infusionsoft CRM. It is no doubt a time saver opportunity for you. It will expedite the process of data synchronization.

Top Features

1. Error Reporting Feature

This Keap integration helps the admin track all the errors that take place while syncing an object. All the errors will be sent to your mail id. The admin can enter the mail address after which he will receive mail for all the errors taking place on any mail on which he/she wants to get emails of errors. 

error reporting feature

2. Sync Shipping and Tax with Order Items

With this feature for Keap integration for WooCommerce plugin, admins will now be in a position to sync their Shipping, Shipping tax, and Taxes with different order items.

shipping and tax syncing

3. Sync WooCommerce object data with feeds

Create feeds, that is, a set of rules to ensure seamless integration of your WooCommerce data with Keap CRM.

The plugin provides you with 3 default feeds:
a. Products Feed
b. Contacts Feed
c. Orders Feed

Note: Synchronising your CRM WooCommerce plugin product data using Products Feed is mandatory to allow other feeds to function seamlessly to sync the contact and then order data to your Keap panel.

sync woocommerce objects data


4. Assign Lead Source to Contacts

This Keap CRM Integration plugin lets you know from which source your lead is generated. Thus, you will get the information of the source or medium from where your lead has visited your site.

lead source to contacts

5. Bulk Data Sync

The Keap CRM integration plugin allows you to export all your products, contacts, and order information respectively using the Bulk Data Sync feature.

bulk data sync

6. One-Click Sync

If you have a new or missed entry that needs to synchronize with Keap CRM, this feature is of great utility. The plugin will display any discrepancies in the mismatched data. You can resolve the discrepancy using the One-Click Sync button.

one click sync

7. Detailed logging of synchronized data

The Keap Integration for WooCommerce plugin keeps a comprehensive log of all data-sync activities. You can review issues at any time. This reduces the time it takes to troubleshoot CRM problems.

detailed logging of synchronized data

8. Sync Tags Over Keap

With the Keap WooCommerce integration plugin, you can now sync tags over the CRM effortlessly. The plugin will allow you to instantly sync all the tags. You can sync tags for ‘Products Bought’, ‘Product SKUs’, and ‘Product Type’. Our latest update in the Keap integration plugin brings to you the feature of syncing tags for ‘Order Statuses’ as well.

sync Tags

9. Instant sync feature

The Keap integrations plugin provides a toggle switch if you want to turn on or off instant syncing of contacts, orders, or products over Keap CRM. Please note that you will have to manually use the bulk data sync or one-click sync options to ensure regular integration of your WooCommerce data if you disable instant sync

instant sync feature

10. Wipe Data on Disconnect

Enabling this toggle in the Settings tab will erase all the sync history if you disconnect the integration with your Keap CRM.

11. Delete Log Data

In the WordPress Infusionsoft plugin, you can choose specific days in the settings tab to delete log data after a particular number of days in your CRM Keap. 

delete log data

12. Order Status

In the CRM WooCommerce plugin, the order status will be shown according to the WooCommerce order placement. When a customer will place an order through an online payment method, then the order status will be shown Paid whereas if it places an order through cash on delivery, the order status will be shown Unpaid in the invoice. 

For instance, if cash on delivery has been opted for, then the order status will be shown as in the image:

unpaid order status

13. Promo Code Implementation

If customers will apply a coupon code while placing the order, then that coupon code will sync as a promo code in Keap CRM.

promo code implementation

promo code

14. Stop Failed orders syncing to Keap

The failed order status will be shown in the WooCommerce order placement. When a customer has placed an order with the Infusionsoft plugin but due to payment failure or wrong details, the order gets failed or canceled. 

15. HPOS Compatibility

Keap Integration for WooCommerce works smoothly with the WooCommerce HPOS feature, improving your store’s capacity to handle high order volume during peak shopping periods.

There is a substantial increase in order volume during high-sales seasons, such as Christmas, BFCM, Labor Day, etc. To efficiently handle these orders, HPOS creates a dedicated custom table for orders, thereby accelerating the order processing, and making it seamless for Keap Integration to sync & manage the increased store data like orders and products.

Why Should You Use This Plugin?

Data synchronization is of the utmost importance when you use Keap CRM. Using the Keap Integration for WooCommerce plugin by WP Swings helps you automatically update data. It automatically updates contacts, orders, and deal data and also eliminates errors related to manual entry. Using a quick, reliable, and user-friendly tool such as this plugin by WP Swings will optimize your ROI.

Keap formerly known as Infusionsoft CRM is a reliable solution and the Keap Integration for WooCommerce plugin is indispensable.


  • Effortless Installation And Setup: You can install the Keap Integration for WooCommerce plugin. You might seem overwhelmed thinking it will be a complicated process to synchronize Keap CRM, but all it takes is a few clicks to install and sync your data with Keap.
  • Hassle-free Data Sync: Predefine the settings for how or when you wish to synchronize your data with the Infusion CRM and just sit back whenever there is a new contact on your website.
  • Time-Saving: Timing becomes a goal-defining factor when it comes to addressing the lead. Thus Keap Integration for WooCommerce will give you only higher returns by saving the most precious resource- time.
  • Eliminates Incidents of Error: By automating the process, you will eliminate the chances of data interchange, missing any contacts, or new orders. All you need to do is go to the Keap integrations dashboard and click on the one-click sync button.
  • Reliable Support: You can reach out to our support team almost instantly to set up the integration between your Keap account and the WooCommerce integration plugin.
  • Detailed Sync Logs to Save Error-Resolving Time: This Keap Integration plugin provides a complete sync log report that helps you easily recognize errors and helps you to rapidly resolve them.
  • Historical Data Sync: You can sync historical data such as previous orders and contacts before installing the Keap WooCommerce integration plugin of your store.


Visit Keap Integration for WooCommerce Documentation to learn more about the features and working of plugin. If you need support or have questions, kindly submit your query.

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