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Klaviyo – Ecommerce Marketing Platform

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Klaviyo – Ecommerce Marketing Platform

Capture Customer Data, Communicate Effectively, and Drive Sales

Despite the volume of information consumers and businesses share, most emails, text messages, and experiences brands deliver aren’t based on customer data.

Customer-centric businesses know the experiences they want to create with customer data. However, most technologies can’t manage the scale required to collect customer information in real-time. As a result, businesses must depend on advertising and other growth channels outside of their control to reach customers—until they discover Klaviyo!

Should you add Klaviyo to your WooCommerce site?

Klaviyo is an ecommerce marketing platform that over 60,000 stores use to send personalized emails, SMS messages, signup forms, and more.

Storing all of a business’ customer data in the same system that delivers experiences to customers creates new opportunities. It allows for marketing experiments, new business launches, and faster growth for existing companies.

Leverage all your customer’s behavior, including their activity on your WooCommerce site, to craft and send personalized messages that drive sales and customer retention.


  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Pre-built forms, templates, and automations
  • Personalization and targeting
  • Out-of-the-box automations
  • Dynamic forms
  • Best-in-class segmentation
  • Growth-focused reporting
  • Social advertising
  • Insights and guidance


Get started in minutes

Integrate your WooCommerce data with a single click. Klaviyo offers over 100 pre-built integrations with top ecommerce tools—no coding required.

Drive more sales

Use all your ecommerce data to send targeted email and SMS messages that win new customers and keep them coming back.

Automate amazing experiences

Set your Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart, and other automations live in minutes with a library of pre-built automations.

Powerful pre-built integrations

Unlock the full potential of your ecommerce and marketing data with pre-built integrations for over 100 tools, like Facebook, ShipStation, and Smile.

Free and flexible account options

Get access to the entire Klaviyo platform for free forever. Like what you see and have more than 250 contacts? Upgrade to flexible month-to-month pricing based on your contact list size.

Pre-built forms, templates, and automations

Put your ideas into action in minutes with pre-built templates, signup forms, and automations at your fingertips.

Personalization and targeting

Send targeted messages at the click of a button. Use unlimited data to personalize product recommendations and dynamic content with endless possibilities.

Out-of-the-box automations

Automate your brand’s welcome series and abandoned cart messages (and more) in a matter of minutes. Start with our library of pre-built automations or build your own.

Dynamic forms

Grow your email list fast and collect more information about your customers by adding forms directly to your website. With A/B testing, you can optimize your form copy to have the most significant impact.

Best-in-class segmentation

Target customers with relevant messages based on their interaction with your brand in the past. Send tailored messages to drive first-time customer sales, build strong relationships with VIPs, and more.

Growth-focused reporting

Measure your results in dollars, not clicks or opens. Track what matters most to your business and understand how much money you earn with Klaviyo at a glance.


Reach customers via SMS marketing for as little as $5/mo. Collect consent through forms and at checkout with best-in-class SMS compliance management.

Social advertising

Attract more of your ideal customers by syncing data to build lookalike audiences for Facebook and Instagram ads.

Insights and guidance

Take your business to the next level with tips from the Klaviyo Community Forum and our best practice guides. Paid plans feature additional Product Expert support via email and chat.

Klaviyo exists to empower creators to drive their destinies. Get started quickly, increase sales, and automate amazing experiences for your customers.

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