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Multiple Customer Addresses for WooCommerce

Allow customers to add multiple billing and shipping addresses.

Let Customers Add Multiple Shipping And Billing Addresses

The Multiple Customer Addresses plugin allows your customers to add multiple shipping and billing addresses and select relevant ones when placing orders. It’s a must-have feature for eCommerce stores as online shoppers mostly have multiple delivery addresses such as office, home, friends, and family addresses when gifting items.

With the Multiple Customer Addresses plugin, you can restrict the multiple address feature to specific user roles and limit the number of addresses a customer can add. Following are the detailed features of the Multiple Customer Addresses extension.


  • Allow specific user roles to add shipping and billing addresses
  • Display an interactive drop-down on the checkout page to let customers choose a relevant address
  • Enable/disable specific billing fields for alternate addresses
  • Add maximum limits for adding billing and shipping addresses for each customer
  • Customize address headings and ADD-NEW-button text
  • Option to add custom CSS
  • Duplicate, edit, or delete existing addresses
  • Make any address the default with a single click

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Q. Can we choose different shipping addresses for each product in an order?

A. No, the extension allows your customers to maintain multiple addresses, but it does not support per product shipping in an order.


PHP version 5.6 or above



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