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woocommerce open close store

Automatically Open and Close Your Store

WooCommerce Store Closing plugin is a comprehensive and the most effective store opening-closing system for WooCommerce. 

You can set daily business hours and hide the “Add to Cart” button to prevent taking orders in off-hours. 

Close your webshop for any specific holiday or event. It will stop users from placing orders when your staff is not around to serve. With the exclusion option, you can rule out specific products or categories from the store shutdown so that customers can continue ordering them.

The WooCommerce open close plugin also allows scheduling multiple hourly time slots to provide flexibility to your WooCommerce store. 

In addition to the automatic open and close store hours routine, you can manually close the store if needed. 

WooCommerce open close store hours give merchants the flexibility to customize the display pop-ups and messages for customers.


  • Setup Store routine such as business days, and working hours
  • Schedule Breaks in Working Hours
  • Display a store closure message in a bar or popup
  • Hide ‘Add to Cart’ option
  • Exclude products or categories
  • Temporary close your store for an event
  • Close your store straightaway manually
  • Customize store closure popup and bar
  • Display popup or bar on various pages
  • Personalize upcoming closure notifications
  • Set time zone based on your Location

Display closure message in popup or bar

With the WooCommerce open close plugin, you can inform your customers with a personalized message on store closure. You can choose between a popup or a bar to display the message. You can set an automatic time for the disappearance of the message or let the users manually close the pop-up. 

Notification Popup:

WooCommerce open close store

Notification Bar:

Temporary close the store for Upcoming Events

Limit or expand store working hours for an upcoming event or closing on an event. WooCommerce temporarily close shop plugin allows the store owner to pick an upcoming date and specify opening and closing hours with a custom message. This feature enables you to set your holiday times before it gets close. You can display customized notifications for upcoming dates. You can set some specific messages for holidays, like Ramadan Mubarak, Merry Christmas, New Year, etc.

WooCommerce open close store

Disable Add to Cart

With the order hours scheduler for WooCommerce plugin, you can disable the ‘Add to Cart’ option during the closing hours of your store to ensure no one can place orders when no staff member is around. You can also select specific pages or products to exclude. 

WooCommerce open close store

Set opening/closing hours & break

You can configure a daily routine with the close WooCommerce store plugin by automating store opening and closing. Set working hours with breaks for each day of the week to let the customers know whether they can shop around or not.

WooCommerce open close store

Display Countdown Timer

WooCommerce opening hours & chosen times plugin enable you to display a countdown timer to let customers know the opening or closing time of your store. Set time in minutes or hours to display a countdown timer before opening/closing time. You can display the timer in both the notification bar and pop-up. Select the timer layout as squared or round according to your preference.

Popup Timer

WooCommerce Open Close Store

Bar Timer

WooCommerce Open Close Store

Remind Customers when your Store in Open

WooCommerce opening hours plugin allows admin to send customized notifications to customers through email when the store opens. Admin can set the sender name, email subject, and email body.

Set business schedule and display it with a Shortcode

You can configure a daily routine for store opening and closing hours. WooCommerce business hours plugin allows the admin to set working hours for a whole week. You can easily set a schedule for different break times like lunch break and closing and opening hours of your WooCommerce store.

Use a shortcode to easily display the business schedule on the frontend for customers to know the timing of the store.

WooCommerce Open Close Store

Exclude products or categories

Allow certain products or categories to bypass the store closure with an exclusion option. Customers will continue buying such products and categories despite the store shutdown.
Store admin can exclude specific products or pages that they want customers to keep buying whether the store is closed or not.

WooCommerce open close store

Manually close your store

WooCommerce close store plugin provides you with a “one-click close” feature. This gives the admin the freedom to manually close down the store whenever needed. Use the manual option to take down shopping options until you are well prepared to serve them. Your store will stay closed until you open it back manually.

The “Manual closing” feature has the highest priority. It overrides all other settings like daily or upcoming closures.

WooCommerce open close store

Display popup on various pages

Inform your customers about your store closure with the pop-up feature. Ensure the store closure is conveyed to maximum users by displaying the popup on various pages such as the shop, checkout, product, and cart.

You can manually close the pop-up or set an automatic time for the disappearance. A cookie option with a timed setting can prevent opening the same pop-up over and over. Admin can also exclude some pages from displaying the pop-up.

WooCommerce open close store

Customized notifications

Modify the look and appearance of the notifications communicating the opening or closure of your WooCommerce store. You can create different messages for different parts of the day or week according to your schedule.

WooCommerce open close store


Use Cases:

Any business can utilize the store hours manager for WooCommerce plugin, as conveying store closure with a popup is professional and polite rather than letting them call or email which are not answered as no one is there to respond.

The food and restaurant industry can greatly benefit from the plugin as they need to communicate with customers about working hours and closure on holidays and specific events.

Store owners dealing in products that require customization like greeting cards, gifts, rings and jewelry, and other wearables would also like to stop taking orders at a specific time or day of the week as such orders are subject to the availability of their staff members.

Online meat shops often close two days a week to ensure an even supply of meat products and take time in updating stock with fresh items.


  • Easily manage business schedule
  • Create a daily or weekly schedule for your store
  • Let customers know the store timings
  • Take orders only when ready to serve
  • Exclude products or pages that you want to keep selling
  • Display customized notifications
  • Inform customers when your store reopens
  • Manually close your store with one click
  • Run your store like a brick-and-mortar shop

Get started

  1. Purchase Open Close Store Hours for WooCommerce from WooCommerce.com.
  2. Download and install the extension.
  3. Activate the extension.
  4. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Close Store to configure the settings.
  5. Read the full installation guide here

Automatically open and close your store just like a brick-and-mortar shop with the Open Close Store Hours for WooCommerce plugin.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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