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Product Tables for WooCommerce

by  Codup
Display your products in an intuitive table layout to deliver a one-page shopping experience to your customers.

Product Table for WooCommerce
Deliver a seamless, one-page shopping experience and give a boost to conversions with Product Tables plugin for WooCommerce!

Product tables for WooCommerce is a plugin that lets you add fully-customizable product tables on your online store so your customers can enjoy a simple, one-page shopping experience. 

With product tables, you can display your products in an intuitive table layout as opposed to the default grid format of WooCommerce. 

Create a One-Page Shopping Experience

With options like Add to Cart buttons, checkboxes that allow multiple Add to Cart events with one click and full control on what product data is displayed, you can enable a one-page checkout experience your customers will surely enjoy. With support for variable products, your customers can even select product variations right from the product table and proceed to checkout. 

Product table one page experience

Optimize your WooCommerce Store

Product Tables make it easy for customers to find what they need and buy multiple products without visiting separate product pages. The easier and quicker it is, the higher the conversion rate. 

Lots of Customization Options

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin lets you customize your product tables with a number of different options and settings so that you can perfectly streamline your customer experience and tailor it according to your business needs. 

Great for B2B and Many Other B2C Stores!

Product Tables can optimize a lot of online stores including wholesale B2B stores, restaurant sites, stores selling audio tracks and downloadable products, auto-parts stores, book stores, and more!

  • Light-weight and well-optimized with minimal impact on your site’s performance
  • Receive regular updates
  • Fully compatible with other popular plugins and themes
  • Works with B2B eCommerce plugin by Codup and supports custom pricing, pricing visibility, and quotation functionality
  • Powerful features with lots of customization options

Core Features of Product Tables for WooCommerce

  • Create Multiple Product Tables

With an easy shortcode generator, you can create as many product tables as you want – each with different settings, product data, and customization options.  

  • Filter by Categories and Price

Filtering by categories and price makes it even easier and faster for store owners to match their customers with the kind of product they need. 

  • Filter by Variation Attributes

Product Tables for WooCommerce has full support for variable products and lets customers filter products using variation attributes. 

  • Fast Searching and Filtering

Ajax search allows quick and convenient searching, filtering, and sorting without page reloads.


  • Display the Product Data You Want

WooCommerce Product Table plugin gives you full control over the product data you want to display. Want to remove images from your product table? Or increase the size of images? You can choose what product data you want to display and customize your table in tons of different ways. 

  • Choose which Products you want to display

With an option to hide certain categories, you can choose exactly which product categories to display. With a multiple shortcode generator, you can create multiple product tables – each displaying different product categories.  

  • Cart Actions for a One Page Checkout Experience

No need to visit separate product pages – display all necessary data on the table and streamline the buying process with checkboxes and Add to Cart buttons. 

  • Checkboxes that Allow Customers to Buy Multiple Products from a Single Page

Adding checkboxes on your product table enables your customers to select multiple products and add all of them to the cart with one click. 

  • Display Product Variations

Variations of products can be displayed with dropdown menus, allowing customers to choose different variations right from the table. 

  • Easy Shortcode

With simple shortcodes, you can deploy the product table anywhere on the website on any location of your choice. No coding required. 

  • Enable Request for Quote feature

The plugin gives you an option to display a Request for Quote button if B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce plugin by Codup is installed and activated. 

  • Compatible with B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce plugin

Product Tables for WooCommerce is fully compatible with the powerful B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce plugin by All B2B features work seamlessly with Product Tables for WooCommerce plugin. 

Grab the plugin now and enjoy watching your conversions grow!

Watch this demo video to see the plugin in action:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I have a large variety of products in my store with different categories how can a buyer search and filter them?

Ans: The Product Table plugin has a powerful feature of filters, which allow a user to easily search products with respect to categories, attributes, and also through minimum and maximum prices of the products.

Q2: Do the Product Table plugin allow a user to add multiple products to the cart in one go?

Ans: Multi-select functionality makes it more convenient for the user to add multiple or unlimited products to the cart with just one click.

Q3: Does the Product Table plugin give customization options to change the labels of the Product Table?

Ans: All the labels/titles of the Product Table are customizable; you can customize and set the text that makes sense for your business.

Q4: I have a B2C store with a huge number of products. How do I sort them in a table on different pages or display multiple Product Tables on a single page like a restaurant’s menu (for example)?

Ans: The Product Table plugin allows you to generate multiple shortcodes, which you can use to display unique product tables on different pages or on a single page, each with different settings, products, and customizations. Yes, it will let you create a Restaurant Menu!

Q5: I want to sort products in the product table. How do I do that?

Ans: In the Product Table plugin, you can sort products in 4 ways:

  • Alphabetical order
  • Highest price
  • Lowest price
  • Reviews

Q6: Does the Product Table plugin support different languages other than the default language?

Ans: Yes, it does. The Product Table plugin is compatible with the LOCO TRANSLATE plugin – you just need to install and activate it, and then you can translate it into any language you want.

Q7: Is it compatible with B2B e-Commerce pricing?

Ans: Yes, the Product Table plugin is compatible with the B2B e-Commerce for WooCommerce plugin, and on activating B2B e-Commerce for WooCommerce, developed by Codup, a user can add requests for quote option within the table and All B2B features work seamlessly with Product Tables for WooCommerce plugin.

Q8: Can customers get updates forever after purchasing the plugin one time?

Ans: After purchasing the plugin, the subscription will be made automatically and the customer will get updates.

Q9: Is there any free version of your plugin just for testing?

Ans: No, we don’t have any free version of the plugin. However, you can view a free demo of the plugin by clicking here.


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