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Review Reminder for WooCommerce

The Review Reminder for WooCommerce plugin reminds customers to leave reviews for their purchases.

Remind Your Customers to Leave Reviews

The Review Reminder for WooCommerce reminds customers to leave reviews for their purchases.

Review Reminder for WooCommerce offers the following features.

1. Review Reminder Email works for members and guests.

2. Automatically send review reminder emails.

3. Order status to send Review Reminder emails can be customized.

4. Duration to send Review Reminder emails can be customized.

5. Includes an option to allow users to opt out of receiving Review Reminder emails.

6. Review Reminder emails can be restricted to specific products, categories, users, and user

7. Bulk Schedule for Old Unreviewed Orders.

8. Option for the Site Admin to manually send scheduled Review Reminder Emails Immediately.

9. Option for the Site Admin to check the contents of the Review Reminder email by sending a test email.

10. Customizable email template.

11. Option to send review reminder emails for the second time for unreviewed products.

12. Option to change the review reminder email schedule date.

13. Option to display product images on the Review Reminder Emails.

14. Option to display Review Reminder Popup to the user about the product feedback of last completed order. Popup will be displayed to the user when they enter into their account on the
site and the popup will be displayed only once per order.

15. Display Review Reminder Notice on user’s Shop & Product pages(Display only for review pending products).

16. Display Review Reminder Product(s) List menu on users My Account Page.

17. Shortcode available to display Review Reminder Product(s) List on a separate page.

18. The Obtain Consent option is available on the checkout page to the user for conforming to receiving Review Reminder Emails.

19. Allow users to unsubscribe the review reminder email. Also, the site admin can add the user email id to Black list to stop the review reminder email.

20. Option available for site admin to cancel the scheduled review reminder email. Also, admin can remove all sent emails in the review reminder list.


Increases trust and loyalty

Users prefer products with good reviews. Having a review reminder system helps increase the volume of reviews received.

Attracts New Customers

More positive reviews attract new customers.

How does it work?

Sending Review Reminders to users

  • When the plugin is installed, activated, and configured, the plugin will start scheduling Review Reminder emails once the newly placed order reaches the status specified in the admin option.
  • Scheduled emails can be viewed from Review Reminder > Review Reminders
Review Reminder List – Admin Table



  • Emails will be automatically sent to the users based on the scheduled time.
  • If the admin wishes to send an email before the scheduled time, they can manually send an email by clicking the Send Manually button. Once the email is manually sent, the automatic schedule for sending the email will be canceled.
  • Site admins can also cancel a scheduled email.
Review reminder email



  • The email will include links to all the products which are eligible for review from that order.
  • The user can review the products by clicking the links provided in the email.

Review Reminder Popup

Review reminder notification in a popup



Review Reminder Popup will be displayed on the first page the user accesses after logging into the site. The Popup will remind the user to review their most recent purchase. The popup will be display only once per order.

Review Reminder Notice

Review reminder notice to users on the site



Review Reminder Notice will be displayed on user’s Shop & Product pages. It will be displayed only if the user has unreviewed products.

Review Reminder Product(s) List

Review reminder product list on My Account page.



Separate section(Review Reminder Product(s) List ) to display the unreviewd products on the user’s My Account page. Here, the user can view their previously purchased unreviewed products.


Admin Reports



In the Reports area, you can view data on the following details.

  • The total number of Review Reminder emails sent
  • The total number of users who received Review Reminder emails
  • The total number of products in Review Reminder emails
  • The total number of products reviewed using Review Reminder emails

Review Reminder for WooCommerce allows you to send review reminder emails for products purchased on your WooCommerce shop.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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