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Wholesale for WooCommerce is the most advanced WooCommerce B2B e-commerce solution for running a hybrid wholesale B2B + B2C store.

Why waste your time and money, creating a separate website for your wholesale customers when you can use Wholesale for WooCommerce to sign-up wholesalers on a dedicated wholesale area and still take care of your regular customers all at the same time?

The Most Advanced & Complete Wholesale Suite for Your WooCommerce B2B Website.

Wholesale for WooCommerce is the Swiss Army Knife of wholesale extensions that helps WooCommerce stores create and manage wholesale pricing plans across multiple levels – Simple, Easy & Effective.

Control everything you want to sell to your wholesale customers through an extension that lets you manage your eCommerce store’s wholesale pricing, multiple wholesale user roles, and much more.

  • Perfect for hybrid B2B+B2C businesses dealing with wholesale products and bulk pricing;
  • Create a private wholesale-only WooCommerce store – Password-protect your wholesale or private members area and hide products from the public;
  • Build a residual income stream – Generate recurring payments from your wholesale customers through subscription plans;
  • Easy-to-use back end interface that lets you manage your entire wholesale store’s settings;
  • Developer friendly & optimized – A lightweight extension that is well-documented and optimized according to the needs of an everyday user;
  • No coding required – A complete business solution that comes equipped with superior B2B functionalities.

Wholesale for WooCommerce Features

The most powerful and versatile solution for B2B e-commerce – Wholesale for WooCommerce is designed to give you complete control over the functionality of your store, including but not limited to:

Custom User Roles & Role-Based Pricing

  • Create and manage multiple wholesale user roles.
  • Manage wholesale prices for single or variable products with ease.
  • Define different prices and discounts for wholesale customers as per their user role.
  • Control product visibility (control product visibility settings specifically for wholesale user roles).
  • Global-based, category-based, and product-based discounts.
  • Filter and sort orders from wholesalers and retailers.
  • Support for simple or variable products.
  • Import/Export CSV with wholesale products and prices.

Wholesale Registration Form

  • Advanced registration form builder with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Add lists, autocomplete, date, checkboxes, radio buttons, and other selectable options.
  • Add and edit headings, text paragraphs, and text areas.
  • Customize input and extra field – Help Text, Placeholder, Label, Name, Value, and Max Length.
  • Approve/Reject registration requests – Manually or Automatically.
  • Email notifications to the admin and user after the approval/rejection of registration request.
  • Override WooCommerce’s default registration form with the advanced wholesale registration form.
  • Add a confirm password field to your registration form.
  • Send order notifications or custom emails to specific user roles.
  • Embed your registration form on any page or post using a shortcode.
  • Custom CSS option In registration form.
  • Add custom fields on the registration form, My Account & Checkout page.

Private Store for Wholesale Customers – Hide Wholesale Products & Prices

  • Hide wholesale prices and products for non-logged-in or guest users on the shop page.
  • Restrict access and control who can view your wholesale store.
  • Enable password protection on your wholesale-only store.
  • Hide wholesale prices and products for certain users or user roles.
  • Optionally restrict any product category’s visibility.
  • Disable coupon codes for wholesale customers so only retailers can use them.
  • Restrict product visibility for specific customers so that items can be purchased by retail customers only.
  • Restrict product visibility from single or multiple wholesale user roles.
  • Restrict product category visibility – save time from customizing product visibility settings individually.

Tiered Pricing for Wholesale Customers

  • Create tiered pricing rules for products and categories.
  • Create tiered pricing rules for simple and variable products.
  • Apply tiered pricing rules globally.
  • Enable or disable tiered pricing rules.
  • Add a discount value to each rule.
  • Set fixed or percentage-based discounts.
  • Set minimum and maximum quantity range for each tier.
  • Add tiered pricing rules for simple and variable products.
  • Highlight pricing blocks on the product page when rules are applied.
  • Add a pricing table with dependency on product quantities.
  • Tiered pricing rules are auto-detected and applied.

Wholesale Sales Dashboard & Reports

  • B2B – Wholesaler Counter – Displays the total number of wholesale orders placed by any (B2B) wholesaler.
  • B2C – Retailer Counter – This counter shows the total number of retail orders placed by any retailer customer.
  • Refunded Amount Counter – You can see the refund amount for a wholesale order on the wholesale Refund counter.
  • Wholesale Orders Counter – This counter shows the total number of Wholesale Orders fulfilled by each Wholesaler.
  • Wholesale Customer Counter – shows the total number of wholesalers ordered by one customer.

Tax, Shipping & Payment Management

  • Tax-Exemption (exempt wholesale user roles from paying taxes).
  • Tax ID option in Billing Address.
  • Select specific tax classes for wholesale user roles.
  • Enable or disable payment methods as per user role.
  • Enable or disable shipping methods as per user role.

Other Unique Features

  • Set minimum order quantity limits as per your requirements.
  • Add-to-cart minimum quantity restrictions.
  • Display a price column for each wholesale product.
  • View order statuses range from “Processing” to “Completed,” indicating the orders’ journey.
  • Retailer to Wholesaler” upgrade option on My Account page.
  • Cart Total Discount can be applied on Cart total by setting minimum cart amount and cart discount value.
  • Admin can manually add wholesale products to a customer’s order.
  • Compatible with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce, Bulk Shop for WooCommerce & Bulk Variation Forms, Quote for WooCommerce, Invoice Payment Gateway for WooCommerce, Mix and Match Products, WooCommerce Product Vendors, Product Bundle and Product add-ons.
  • Integration With WooCommerce Subscription Products.
  • Create Variable Subscription products to sell products with variations.
  • Automatically change your customer’s user role after they buy a Variable Subscription.

And so much more.

Custom User Roles & Role-Based Pric

Through the Wholesale Multi-user Role creation functionality, not only are you able to manage pricing over multiple user roles, but you can also define different discounts for each role with support for both simple and variable products. Your users will be able to see wholesale prices and discounts (Global, Product-Category, Product) as their given roles.

Create a flexible business model that takes care of wholesale pricing and discounts on global, category, and individual wholesale product settings.

  • Different roles, different settings

    You have the option to create various discounts and prices for different user roles. These settings (Global, Product-Category, Product) can be configured on behalf of each product variable or user role.

  • Support for simple and variable products

    Define your store’s user role hierarchy as per your business requirements. The multi-user role functionality provides you the easiness to configure different settings for simple products as well as products with multiple variations; each with their customized settings.

  • Manage product and category visibility

    Create product variations
    that are only visible to wholesale customers. Not only that, but you can also hide “retail only” products, prices, labels, and save price from wholesalers or hide wholesale product categories from retail customers.

  • Organize your dashboard with a filter for wholesale and retail orders

    Wholesale for WooCommerce will split your incoming orders into two categories: wholesalers and non-wholesalers. This filter will simply differentiate orders placed by the wholesale customers versus the ones placed by retail customers.

  • Import/Export wholesale products and their prices for each wholesale user role

    You can import/export wholesale products and their prices for each user role using WooCommerce Import/Export. This feature will allow you to easily update products and prices in bulk instead of manually changing each product’s attributes individually.

  • Display a Price Column For Each Wholesale Product

    The products and their wholesale prices will be displayed on a separate tab. A “Wholesale Product” comes with a wholesale price. The Wholesaler Category indicates a wholesale price, and “wholesaler global” refers to a worldwide wholesale price.

Build A Residual Income Stream by Charging Your Wholesale Customers for Special Wholesale Prices

Earn monthly or yearly recurring payments from your Wholesale customers by charging them subscription plans for special wholesale prices. WooCommerce Subscriptions give you the ability to create Variable Subscriptions with corresponding attributes.

  • Enable customers to subscribe to a given role.
  • Customers are allowed to upgrade and downgrade between different subscription products.
  • Create multiple variations to a variable subscription product.
  • The Customer’s wholesale role changes automatically depending on their choice of different subscription packages defined by the admin.
  • Change subscription price on each variation, e.g., Sign up fee, Subscription price, Free Trial, e.t.c.
  • Canceling a Subscription will automatically revert your customers to a default role.

WooCommerce Subscription extension is required to access subscription features in Wholesale for WooCommerce.

Wholesale Registration Form

Wholesale for WooCommerce Registration Form puts your WooCommerce store on cruise control. The auto-approval system eliminates the need for manual recruitment and registration of wholesale customers. The registration page can also be configured to redirect the user to specific pages (custom or product) once their registration has been processed successfully.

  • No coding required

    Use a shortcode to place the Wholesale Registration Form on any page or post. The form captures important information from the customers and forwards their requests through a user approval process. The admin can then register and assign the customer a wholesale user role.

  • Advanced form builder

    Easily add additional fields to your form by choosing from a wide variety of options to create the perfect registration form. The easy-to-use
    drag and drop form builder gives you the power to add an unlimited number of input fields like lists, autocomplete, date, checkboxes, radio buttons, and other selectable options.

  • Manage user registration requests & email notifications

    Simply sign-up your wholesale customers through your wholesale registration form and
    approve wholesale registration requests manually or automatically. Email notifications are sent to the admin, and the customer after the request is approved or rejected.

  • Customize your input or extra fields

    Customization is key when it comes to creating a form that best suits your business. Each field has
    multiple customization options that include: Help Text, Placeholder, Label, Name, Value, and Max Length. You can also mark it as a required field to make it compulsory for customers to fill it before moving forward.

  • Control WooCommerce default registration form’s visibility

    You can also override WooCommerce’s default registration form on your my-account page with the advanced wholesale registration form.

    This action will enable any guest user to register as a wholesaler on your website‘s my-account page.

  • Custom fields for My Account & Checkout page

    Wholesale registration form builder gives you the ability to add custom fields to your My Account (under wholesale upgrade tab) and Checkout page. With this complete and versatile solution, you can build your wholesale WooCommerce store to handle all the challenges of B2B e-commerce.

Advanced Wholesale Dashboard for Sales & Reports

Wholesale for WooCommerce’s Advanced Sales & Reports Dashboard gives you powerful insights into how your wholesale store is performing. You can create sales reports for strategic decisions and sales monitoring with options like date range, sale status, predefined day range, etc., and generate them with a single click.

The statistical data on the dashboard’s scored cards are for viewing numbers related to B2B and B2C sale amount, refund amount, total orders made, and unique customer count.

  • B2B – Wholesaler Counter – Displays the total number of wholesale orders placed by any (B2B) wholesaler.
  • B2C – Retailer Counter – This counter shows the total number of retail orders placed by any retailer customer, such as a subscriber, a consumer, an editor, an administrator, etc.
  • Refunded Amount Counter – You can see the refund amount for a wholesale order on the wholesale Refund counter.
  • Wholesale Orders Counter – This counter shows the total number of Wholesale Orders fulfilled by each Wholesaler.
  • Wholesale Customer Counter – shows the total number of wholesalers ordered by one customer.

Tiered Pricing for WooCommerce

You can create multiple tiers in your wholesale store and apply them on different levels (Product, Category, Global). Every tier has a price and quantity range, so customers have the option to pay for what they can afford.

You can also define the quantity range (minimum and maximum) in every tier rule along with the type of discount it has to offer (fixed or percentage).

After enabling tiered pricing rules, a pricing table will be displayed on the product page that is dependent on product quantities and tier rules. The pricing blocks on the table will be highlighted when the rules are applied.

Note: After enabling the functionality, the priority will be the Tiered pricing rules over Wholesale (default).

  • Product-based tiered pricing
    You can create multiple tier rules for simple or variable products (variations of a product).
  • Category-based tiered pricing
    Category-based tiered pricing will allow you to create multiple tier rules for wholesale categories. These tier rules will automatically be applied to all products in that category except for the ones on which product-based tier is applied.
  • Global tiered pricing
    Enabling tiered pricing rules for global settings will allow you to set and create discount-based tiers for all products on your website except for the ones on which Product or Category based tier is already applied.

Tax, Shipping & Payment Management

Handle Shipping, Tax & Payment Gateway settings independently by configuring different shipping, tax, and payment gateway methods for each multi-user role. Wholesale for WooCommerce gives you the choice of using your preferred shipping and payment methods.

  • Disable payment gateways for specific wholesale user roles

    Disable any payment gateway for any given wholesale user role. Also, the admin can restrict any payment gateway they desire from the backend settings.

  • Disable shipping methods for specific wholesale user roles

    Disable any shipping methods for any given wholesale user role. Also, the admin can restrict any shipping method they desire from the backend settings.

  • Exempt wholesale users from paying tax

    Tax-exempt rules can be applied globally for specific wholesale user roles. You can either enable tax-exempt when adding a new wholesale role or edit and enable tax-exempt settings on a pre-existing wholesale role.

  • Specify tax type or class for any wholesale user role.

    The admin can select a Wholesaler Role from the back-end and define its Tax Class from the drop-down menu. This Tax type will only apply to the Wholesaler role specified by the admin.

  • Add tax classes from the back-end.

    The admin can create additional tax classes from the back-end and apply them to any wholesale user role by going to their individual tax settings.

Private Store or Area for Wholesale Customers – Hide Wholesale Products & Prices

Restrict access to your wholesale-only area by settings rules for certain users and user roles. Define access criteria for categories, products, prices, and more so that only specific users can see your private wholesale area whereas the rest of your store is public.

  • Create a private area for wholesale customers

    wholesale-only store is visible to wholesale users and can only be accessed after the user’s registration is processed and approved. Control who sees your store and its elements by defining independent wholesale user roles.

  • Password-protect your private wholesale-only store

    The wholesale-only store is password-protected and visible only to wholesale users. Users can access your private store after their registration is processed and approved — control who sees your store and its elements by defining independent wholesale user roles.

    Similarly, you can give your guest users temporary login credentials so that they can view your wholesale-only store temporarily or until their access is revoked.

    Easily manage your wholesale-only store by assigning custom role permissions to specific customers.

    You can control user access and product by assigning multiple store access permissions to different wholesale user roles. So, while you have the ability to hide your wholesale-only area, you can also control product pricing and visibility as per your wholesale store’s user role hierarchy.

  • Hide wholesale products globally from guest users

    You can
    hide wholesale products globally from retailers and guest users. Non-logged-in users would not be able to see wholesale products or prices on the shop page.

  • Disable coupon codes

    Coupon codes made only for retailers can easily be deactivated for wholesale user roles. You can also
    disable specific coupon codes on the cart and checkout page.

Set Limitations, Restrictions & Minimums

Control the restrictions and minimums on your categories, products, and prices for each user role independently. 

  • Enforce minimum purchase rules

    set minimum purchase restrictions and rules on your customers’ orders like
    individual products minimum or “number of items in the cart before proceedingrule.

  • Bulk pricing minimums

    set minimum order requirements on bulk items so that customers can only avail wholesale prices once a certain number of items have been added to the cart.

Compatibility & Integrations

Create Variable Subscription products with corresponding attributes and product variations. Automatically change your wholesale customers when they buy a Variable Subscription, or revert it back to a default role when they cancel it.

Create one-page wholesale bulk order forms with Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce. Create simple, flexible, and responsive product tables with the power to add the following options (search fields, sorting, pagination, filters, and more). The Bulk Order Form extension makes it fast to bulk shop products and variables using a responsive table. Features include: Dynamic pricing, manage donation lists using Name your price, display products in a list view, and more.

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is a widget that allows visitors to switch between currencies according to their Location. The Geo-Location IP feature allows the currency on your website to automatically change as per the customer’s current location.

Sales Agent for WooCommerce is your solution for managing your company’s sales agents. Sales agents can create new customer profiles and keep track of their orders, and admins can set commission percentage values for sales agents and view important sales data on their dashboards.

Quote for WooCommerce extension adds a Request-A-Quote button to shop, product, or cart pages. It is ideal for B2B and wholesale customers who expect to negotiate for the best possible prices, discounts, and coupons when they buy in large quantities.

WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms allows your users to add multiple variations of a product to their cart from a single form. Easily configure products that have two variation attributes for bulk input.

Mix and Match Products extension is ideal for offering similar products in bulk containers. Perfect for encouraging customers to buy in bulk without forcing them to buy items that don’t interest them.

WooCommerce Product Add-ons allows your customers to personalize products while they’re shopping on your online store. Offer add-ons like gift wrapping, special messages or other special options for your products.

WooCommerce Product Bundles allows you to group existing simple, variable, and subscription products — and sell them together.

WooCommerce Product Vendors turns your store into a multi-vendor marketplace. You can assign existing products to Vendors or they can add and edit their own.

The Bulk Shop extension makes it fast to bulk shop products and variables using a responsive table.

Invoice payment gateway for WooCommerce gives you the power to add an alternative payment process for B2B customers enabling your WooCommerce store to accept invoice payments instead of immediate payments.

Boost the overall sales of your e-Commerce store by tenfold – Unlock powerful WooCommerce wholesale features through a single extension.

How to Get Started

  1. Buy Wholesale for WooCommerce.
  2. Download and install the extension. You can find the installation guide here.
  3. Activate, set up, and configure the extension.
  4. Read the technical documentation to help you walk through the process of setting up multiple user roles, product pricing, registration form, and more.

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