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How do I clear the WooCommerce Payments account cache?

To improve performance, WooCommerce Payments caches details about your account within WordPress. On occasion, you be asked by the WooCommerce team to clear this cache, for example:

  • If the WooCommerce > Payments > Settings screen is displaying incorrect information, like an out-of-date account status.
  • If the WooCommerce team update something about your account in our systems at your request.

These updates should happen automatically, but to ensure the account cache is not causing issues, it can also be manually cleared.

To clear your store’s account cache:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Status > Tools screen.
  2. Scroll down to the Clear WooCommerce Payments account cache tool.
  3. Click Clear.

This tool will clear the stored account details so that they are immediately refreshed from the WooCommerce Payments servers.

WooCommerce Payments Clear Account Cache Tool Screenshot
WooCommerce Payments Clear Account Cache Tool


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