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I’m a developer or agency. How can I set up WooPayments for my client?

If you are a developer or agency setting up a site for a client, and the client plans on using WooPayments, there a few things to keep in mind as you get started building and configuring the site for them.

Use Dev Mode

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To test how WooPayments functions with the client’s other plugins and themes, you can use Dev Mode on a staging site. This allows you to set up a WooPayments test account without entering any personal information, yours or your client’s.

Have the client sign up

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If you’re setting up WooPayments for someone else (i.e. a client), it’s best to have them complete the account creation process on the live site themselves. This is because it’s not always possible to change all the account information once it’s been saved.

Requesting support

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Our support policies prevent us from discussing specific details of a WooPayments account unless we are contacted directly from one of the following emails:

Ideally, both of these email addresses would still be the client’s, even if the site was developed by a third party. Thus, as the builder or agency, it’s unlikely that you will be able to submit support requests on behalf of your client.

If you do need to submit a support request on behalf of your client, please provide us with one of the two email addresses listed above. That way, we can first verify with the client that we are permitted to discuss their account with you.

That said, note that we are happy to answer general questions about WooPayments functionality, regardless of which email address you contact us from. As such, it’s possible that your support request may not require verification at all.