Activating/Deactivating Auto Renew

Enabling the “Auto Renew Toggle” setting under WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions allows subscribers to activate or deactivate their automatic subscription renewal payments at any time. This will only change the subscription’s payment method to manual renewal but won’t stop the renewal completely or cancel the subscription. This page explains how a subscriber would activate/deactivate auto-renewals.

Using the Auto Renew Toggle

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If a customer wants to deactivate (or activate) autorenewals on their Subscription, they can use the “Auto Renew” toggle. This setting is visible when activated by the store administrator under WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions.

Requirements for using the toggle:

  • Subscription must have a status of “Active“.
  • Subscription must be using automatic renewals or be eligible for them via a supported gateway.

How to use:

Under My Account > Subscriptions (click on the specific subscriptions), subscribers click the toggle to either activate or deactivate auto-renewals. The images below show how it looks in both states:

Automattic renewals are activated
Automattic renewals are deactivated