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Bookings Availability

WooCommerce Bookings Availability is a paid add-on for the WooCommerce Bookings extension.


  • Translation for Bookings Availability

    Localization is the process of translating software and its files to a specific location, such as a country. To translate WooCommerce Bookings Availability, there are two primary steps. Create standard WordPress translation files. Generate .json translation files. The .json files are generated using a single command and are required to translate strings embedded in JavaScript […]

  • WooCommerce Bookings Availability

    WooCommerce Bookings Availability is an add-on for the main WooCommerce Bookings extension (separate purchase) which gives customers two ways to view and select Bookings directly from posts and pages with: A schedule block displaying a list of available slots in a day, a week or a month. A calendar block displaying available slots on a […]

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