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Canvas Gets a Portfolio Module

July 14, 2011 - 76 Comments

A portfolio module has been one of the most popular requests for our Canvas framework theme. We’ve however always been cautious adding such heavy functionality into the theme and bloating the code. At least we have been until now…

With the recent launch of Canvas 4 a couple months back we are now hugely confident in Canvas’s codebase. Matty has spent countless hours refining the structure into a more modular design, flexible enough for child theming, and custom hooks, filters and functions to be added.

The Canvas portfolio page template.

As seen in our popular business themes, Canvas now boasts a full portfolio component for keeping track of all the awesome work you do and showcasing it to prospective clients and collaborators.

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Goodbye thumb.php? Hello native image resizing!

November 8, 2010 - 34 Comments

Here at WooThemes we use a script for dynamic image resizing in all our themes which is called timthumb.php (thumb.php in our themes). One of the main reasons why we haven’t replaced our dynamic image resizing script yet, is because we feel it is superior to the WP post thumbnails that were introduced in WordPress 2.9.

The reason it is superior to WP Post Thumbnails is because it can dynamically change the size of your images. It is widely used amongst WP theme developers, but it also has it’s problems (mostly setup and server performance issues).

We noticed a WP trac ticket (hopefully it makes it into a future WP version) which had a nice function to use the built in re-size functionality which already exists in WP core, and have now added this function to our framework (v 3.1.10) to see how it works.

We have also updated Canvas with a new option to enable the re-size function if you use WP Post Thumbnails, so you can test the new functionality today!

Native image resizing for WP Post Thumbnails

PS! We also have some new framework functionality coming soon which will update the way you upload images in your options panel/custom settings… Stay tuned!


We have deployed version 3.2.0 of the WooFramework which now uses native WP upload functionality for uploading in the options panel and in custom settings field. Grab it now by going to YourTheme > Update Framwork.

If you have any problems with this new function, please post a new thread in the our support forum. For general feedback use the comments below.

Fresh News 2.0

June 26, 2009 - 24 Comments

Fresh News is the all time most popular theme here at WooThemes, so we thought it should deserve to be one of the first themes to receive the new Woo Framework update treatment (see video of new framework). What this basically means is that the theme is now easier to setup and use because of the improved functions in the framework (options panel, new widgets, easier image upload, easier to update in future etc.).

We also reworked some of the coding on the front page of the theme, so it now acts more like Busy Bee in functionality. To be more specific:

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