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One-Click Clear Cart for WooCommerce

Allow your customers to clear their cart with a single click.

Add a One-Click Empty Cart Button

The One-Click Clear Cart for WooCommerce extension enables you to add a one-click, cart-empty button to your cart page. Save your customers time by allowing them to empty their carts with a single click and start fresh. Display the clear-cart button based on user roles or when a cart exceeds a specific number of products.

It’s a handy extension for B2B, B2C, and wholesale merchants offering bulk order operations to their customers. Instead of having customers remove a long list of cart items one-by-one, they can remove them with a single click and add products in bulk.


  • Enable clear cart button for selected user roles
  • Show button when carts exceed a specific number of products
  • Customize button label and color
  • Show confirmation popup on removal
  • Redirect to a custom page after removal
  • Automatically clear cart after a defined period of inactive time


PHP version 5.2 or higher

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