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Pixel Manager Pro for WooCommerce (tracks conversions for Google Ads, Facebook (Meta) Ads, GA4 and many more)

Boost sales and cut advertising costs through precise visitor tracking. The Pixel Manager sends events and conversions to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta Ads (Facebook, Instagram), Microsoft Ads, and many more.

Boost your sales and cut advertising costs with the Pixel Manager, a plugin that excels in precise e-commerce tracking.


🚀 Endorsed by Google’s Tag Team – a big deal, right?

This plugin was recommended to us by Google’s Tag Implementation Team. That should say enough.

says @dpackert24

Saved me thousands…and top-notch support and docs.

says @caesarsandiego

This plugin tracks WooCommerce shop visitors and collects valuable data for conversion optimization of your shop and paid ads, dynamic remarketing, and reporting. It’s designed to boost sales and cut advertising costs through precise e-commerce tracking.

The Pixel Manager integrates smoothly with platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta (Facebook, Instagram), Hotjar, Microsoft, and TikTok.

Key Benefits

âś… User-friendly and intuitive.
âś… Customizable filters for even more precise tracking.
âś… GDPR-aligned with advanced data privacy features.
âś… Standardized data output across platforms.
✅ In-depth payment gateway reports – goodbye conversion drops.
âś… Lightweight JavaScript library for a speedy site.
✅ Auto Conversion Recovery (ACR) – catch those lost conversions.

This plugin goes beyond basic setup, offering comprehensive tracking of all e-commerce activities. Advanced features like Google Analytics Enhanced E-Commerce and dynamic remarketing events are included, with the pro version adding Meta CAPI, TikTok Events API, and much more.

Why the Pixel Manager?

Accuracy, simplicity, innovation.

Unique tools like the Payment Gateway Accuracy Report and ACR.

Plugin Integrations

  • Google Ads Pixel
  • Google Analytics Pixel (GA4)
  • HotJar Pixel
  • LinkedIn Ads Pixel
  • Meta Ads Pixel
  • Microsoft Ads Pixel
  • Outbrain Ads Pixel
  • Pinterest Ads Pixel
  • Reddit Ads Pixel
  • Snapchat Ads Pixel
  • Taboola Ads Pixel
  • TikTok Ads Pixel
  • Twitter Ads Pixel


  • Effective order duplication prevention.
  • Dynamic remarketing audience collection.
  • Google Ads Cart Data tracking.
  • Consent management platform compatibility.
  • Google Analytics Enhanced E-Commerce.
  • Payment Gateway Accuracy Report
  • Google Ads Enhanced Conversions
  • Server-side tracking for many platforms
  • Meta Conversion API
  • TikTok EAPI
  • Pinterest APIC
  • Snapchat CAPI
  • Automatic Conversion Recovery (ACR)


Link to the full documentation of the plugin: Open the documentation

Consent Management

The plugin uses data from several Consent Management plugins to manage approvals and disapproval for injecting marketing pixels.

It works with the following Consent Management plugins out of the box:

  • Cookiebot
  • Cookie Script
  • Complianz GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent
  • Cookie Notice
  • Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA
  • Cookie Law Info
  • GDPR Cookie Compliance
  • WP AutoTerms
  • Usercentrics
  • CookiePro by OneTrust
  • Termly
  • Iubenda
  • WP Consent API
  • WP Cookie Consent

Please read the following for additional setup information


Security Review

Although we follow security best practices, we wanted to ensure we didn’t miss anything. So, we had the plugin reviewed by Patchstack, a cybersecurity company specializing in WordPress security.

The summary of their report was: “We were unable to detect any vulnerabilities that would impact the security status of the plugin in a serious way.”


Managed Vulnerability Disclosure Program

We are committed to ensuring the security of our customers and their data. If you believe you have found a security vulnerability in the Pixel Manager for WooCommerce, we encourage you to report it through Patchstack our security partner. Patchstack runs a managed Vulnerability Disclosure Program (mVDP) that helps us receive, triage, and respond to reported vulnerabilities. Patchstack also provides a reward for the responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities. Report a vulnerability

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