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Product Bundle Discount

by  Codup
Increase your sales by offering lucrative bulk discounts and get your customers to buy more from you!

Increase Your Sales with Bulk Discounts

Product Bundle Discount for WooCommerce enables you to create bulk bundles, offer bulk discounts, and add other persuasive sales elements on your product page that will increase your conversion rate and average order amount.

Add social proof, scarcity, FOMO, bulk discounts, and more with just one extension. 

A Sales Booster for your eCommerce Store

Want to create urgency to drive up conversions or drive up revenue from selling more products?

Product Bundle Discount for WooCommerce is a one-in-all marketing plugin that lets you do both. 

  • Robust features to increase sales
  • Full documentation
  • Regular updates and tests for security and performance


The Product Bundle Discount extension lets you do much more than creating bundled products. It truly packs a punch, with powerful sales-boosting features that will get your revenues soaring!

Create bulk discount packages

Create bulk bundles of products and offer them with discounts. The more the customer buys, the more discounts they earn.


Create urgency with a countdown timer

Add a countdown timer to each bundle and display it prominently alongside the heading to provoke action from the customer. 

If a customer comes back after the timer has run out, they see an offer-expired message.

Add compelling copy to encourage customers to buy more

Your copy makes all the difference when it comes to boosting your sales. With a multitude of text customization options, you can add compelling copy to increase conversions.

Induce scarcity and FOMO on product pages

Product Bundle Discount for WooCommerce lets you induce scarcity and FOMO by adding custom messages of your choice in a slider underneath products.

gif of product bundle discount plugin

Add social proof and customer satisfaction statistics

Product Bundle Discount lets you add social proof and customer satisfaction stats on your product pages to provoke action from customers. You can add custom text and icons in this section. 

screenshot of social proof in product bundle discount plugin

Customize colors to create an attractive interface

Product Bundle Discount allows you to customize all colors that display in the Product Bundle Discount section. With color customizations, you can create an interface that pleases your customers and draws their attention.

color customizations in product bundle discount plugin

Display prices in two ways

Display bundle prices in two ways – per-piece or a summed-up price. Choose whatever works best for your store and gives the best user experience.

Global and product-level settings

With global and product-level settings, you get more control over your bundle settings, and you can specify which product to put on offer.

Works seamlessly with variable products

The Product Bundle Discount extension works seamlessly for variable products and calculates discounts in real-time as the customer selects variations, each with a different price!

Watch this demo video to see the plugin in action:


Grab Product Bundle Discount for WooCommerce and watch your sales soar!


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