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WooCommerce product gallery slider

Display Product Gallery Images With a Slider

The Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce plugin adds a slider of gallery images to product pages. Customers see all of a product’s images with the slider—no need to press images one-by-one.

Merchants have the option to display auto-sliding images. With auto-sliding images, merchants control the images their customers see. Showing customers more images leads to improved user engagement and conversions.

Customize sliders to match each store and position sliders in various layouts, including horizontal, vertical left, and vertical right. Customers can also see all images or videos in a lightbox and zoom image sizes.

Features List

  • Add Gallery Slider to specific products or categories
  • Upload or embed videos to product gallery
  • Multiple Bullet, Arrow, & Lightbox Styles
  • Use a lightbox to exhibit images and videos
  • Autoplay Image Gallery in a Slider
  • Customers can zoom in product images
  • Set a layout for the gallery slider

Beautify Product Gallery with a Slider

The plugin helps you beautifully portray a product gallery images in a slider. The moving effects of gallery items in a slider attract and engage customers, which ultimately increases store conversions.

Auto-play Image Gallery

Set the gallery items to auto-play in the slider as soon as the product page loads. This ensures the display of maximum gallery to potential customers without making them scroll through the slider.

product gallery slider

Grow Product Gallery with Videos

You can grow the product gallery by adding more and more videos to it. The plugin helps you improve the usability of landing pages with the addition of captivating and explanatory videos.

product gallery slider

Display Bullets for Slider

You can display bullets with multiple shapes. Choose the position of bullets on image i.e. Top, Bottom, Right, Left, etc.

Inside Image

WooCommerce Image Gallery Slider

Below Image

WooCommerce Image Gallery Slider

Display Gallery Items in Lightbox

You can use lightbox view for exhibiting product images and videos to users. The lightbox preview has a better visual impact than the conventional projection of the product gallery.

Allow Customers to zoom in images

You can empower your customers to zoom in product images for a clear view. By configuring zoom options you can allow users to have a closer view of the fabric, make, model, design, and style of the catalog items.

Choose a slider layout

The plugin comes with amazing slider layouts such as horizontal, vertical left, or vertical right. Choose the one that seems the most suitable to your target audience.

Apply to Specific Products or Categories

You can apply the gallery slider to specific products or categories.


  • Improves the user’s experience of product pages
  • Attract customers with auto-sliding gallery images
  • Ideal for merchants with large portfolios of product images

Get Started

  1. Purchase Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce from WooCommerce.com
  2. Download and install the extension
  3. Activate the extension
  4. Go to the WooCommerce > Settings> Gallery Slider tab to enable and configure the settings
  5. Read the full installation guide here


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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