Grow your business by making checkout easy with Apple Pay and Woo

Offer a fast and secure way to pay with Apple Pay on your Woo store – shoppers can safely complete a purchase with a touch or a glance and are more likely to come back. Start boosting your online conversions today.

Apple Pay for Woo is available through WooPayments, Stripe, Square, and other payment extensions.

Don’t have a Woo store? Get started. displayed on an iPad and iPhone with Apple Pay as a checkout option.
Apple Pay checkout displayed on an iPhone.

A fast, simple, and secure shopping experience

With Apple Pay enabled, customers can buy with a single touch on their iPhone, iPad, and Mac. View the full list of compatible devices.

Faster checkout icon.

Increase conversion rates

A better checkout experience boosts conversion rates. Websites supporting Apple Pay report an increase in checkout conversions.

Privacy and security icon.

Privacy and security for shoppers

All transactions require authentication with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode. Learn more about Apple Pay privacy and security.

Higher purchase frequency icon.

Automatic detection

Devices that support Apple Pay will automatically show Apple Pay as a checkout option.

Multiple use cases icon.

Support multiple payment use cases

Delivery, click and collect, and subscriptions are available for integration.

Enable Apple Pay in Woo

Apple Pay is automatically enabled on WooPayments; learn more about Apple Pay on WooPayments.

You can also accept Apple Pay using Woo In-Person Payments through an approved card reader (currently available for stores in the U.S. or Canada).

Stripe logo.

Accept payments on your Woo store with Stripe. Available in multiple countries.

Learn how to set up Apple Pay on Stripe.

Square logo.

Accept payments on your Woo store with Square. Available in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

Learn how to set up Apple Pay on Square.

If you use another payment service provider, check here to see if Apple Pay is supported.

Woo Merchants using Apple Pay

Screenshot WooCommerce Apple Pay website showing Lady Dye Yarn product page

“Sometimes, there are limited-edition items that sell out quickly, often within five minutes. With Apple Pay, it’s a single tap and that’s all…purchase complete. Thanks to Apple Pay, when we put out a new box…boom, not even a minute later, completed orders start rolling in.”

Read the inspiring story of Lady Dye Yarns.

Screenshot WooCommerce Apple Pay website showing Thomas's Trendy Socks product page

“Really, it comes down to making the whole purchasing experience as easy as possible for the customer. That means, among other things, having a one-click payment option that they prefer to use available to them, such as Apple Pay.”

Read the incredible story of Thomas’s Trendy Socks.

How does Apple Pay work?

Apple Pay is a digital wallet form of payment. It allows Apple Pay Buyers to easily make online purchases with their payment information stored by Apple. Check out some of Apple’s supported devices. The Apple Pay button will automatically be displayed to Apple users on your store so they can make a purchase instantly. 

Are there additional fees to accept Apple Pay?

No – Apple doesn’t charge any additional fees.

Is a separate plugin or extension required to use Apple Pay?

No – Apple Pay can be enabled through most payment solutions and doesn’t require any additional plugins. See enabling Apple Pay in Woo.

How can I promote that my online store accepts Apple Pay?

Create campaigns to drive awareness and usage of Apple Pay with this marketing guide. It includes best practices and a link to download the Apple Pay mark.

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