General Settings

When you first navigate to WooCommerce > Settings, you’ll see the general settings for your store. Here you can enter your store’s address, define where you will sell and ship orders to, enable features like tax calculations and coupons, and select the currency your shop will use for sales.

The general settings sections include:

Below you’ll find explanations of the options for each.

Store address

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Here you define your shop’s address, where you are based as a seller. Many tax and shipping configurations use this address for determining rates.

General options

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Selling Location(s) – choose to sell to all countries or to specific countries. You can choose multiple specific countries / regions.

Shipping Location(s) – choose to ship to only those countries you sell to or a subset of countries. You can also disable shipping and all shipping-related functionality.

Default Customer Location – Select the assumed location of site visitors, for use before they input any address information at checkout, in order to calculate default tax and shipping rates. The options for default customer location are:

  • Shop base address – tells the system to assume customers are in the same location as your shop.
  • No address – means that taxes and shipping aren’t calculated until a customer enters their address.
  • Geolocate address – verifies the customer’s current location and calculates taxes and shipping accordingly. Uses the Maxmind Geolocation Integration.
  • Geolocate with page caching support – is the same as above, but does the geolocation via Ajax. You may notice your website URLs have a ?v=xxxxx appended to them when this option is selected. This is normal to prevent static caching of prices.

Enable Taxes – enable or disable taxes on your store. Disabling taxes hides the tax settings page.

Enable coupons – enable or disable coupons in your store. Coupons are applied from the admin edit order screen (for unpaid orders), cart, and checkout pages.

  • Enable the use of coupon codes – select to enable the use of coupons in your store. When coupons are enabled you’ll see the below option about how discounts should be calculated.
  • Calculate coupon discounts sequentially – changes the coupon calculation logic to apply coupons in sequence on top of one another, rather than basing them on the original product prices.

Currency options

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Currency options determine how prices are displayed in your store for customers. Below you’ll find a brief overview of the settings. If you want more information about currency settings visit our Shop Currency documentation.

Options that affect how prices are displayed on the frontend.

Currency – choose the default currency for the store. Only one may be selected.

Currency Position – choose the default currency position for prices: Left, Right, Left/Right with space

Thousand Separator – choose the symbol to use for the thousand separator: 1,000 or 1.000

Decimal Separator – choose the symbol to use for the decimal separator: 100.00 or 100,00

Number of Decimals – choose how many numbers to display to the right of the decimal when displaying prices: 100.00 or 100

Be sure to save any changes you make before leaving the settings page.

Questions and Support

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Do you still have questions and need assistance? 

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