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Find Product Category IDs

Some WooCommerce shortcodes ask for the category ID to display a list of categories. This document shows how you can locate the ID for your product categories.

More info at Shortcodes included with WooCommerce.

To find the product category ID:

  1. Go toProducts > Categories.
  2. Hover over a category name.
  3. Select the category or Edit.
  4. Find the page URL.
  5. In the page URL search for the tag_ID= query string. The number after this equals symbol is the category ID. For example in this screenshot: The section tag_ID=62 where 62 is the ID of the category.

Finding other WooCommerce IDs

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  • To find a product ID, see the Product ID section of our Adding and Managing Products documentation.
  • To find an order’s ID:
    1. From your Site’s admin area, navigate to WooCommerce > Orders.
    2. Click the order’s number to access the “Edit Order” page.
    3. Find the page URL.
    4. In the page URL, look for the post= query string. The number after this equals sign is the Order’s ID.
      • e.g. in https://shop.mystore.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=3572&action=edit the order’s ID is 3572
    5. This will often be the same as the order’s number from the order overview page, but can vary depending on your site’s configuration.

Questions and Support

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Do you still have questions and need assistance? 

This documentation is about the free, core WooCommerce plugin for which support is provided in our community forums on WordPress.org. Searching there you’ll often find that your question has been asked and answered before.

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  • If you’re looking to extend the core functionality shown here, we recommend reviewing available extensions in the Woo Marketplace.
  • Need ongoing advanced support, or a customization built for WooCommerce? Hire a WooExpert agency.
  • Are you a developer building your own WooCommerce integration or extension? Check our Developer Resources.

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