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Bookings Settings > Settings

The Bookings > Settings link in the Bookings menu contains three additional tabs/settings to configure:

Store Availability

The Store Availability settings govern the general availability of all your bookable products or services within your store. They provide you with the capability to establish the times when customers can make bookings for your products or services. Visit our Store Availability guide to configure these settings.


Timezones pertain to the WooCommerce Bookings configuration accessible through Bookings > Settings in the WP-Admin dashboard sidebar. This configuration regulates how Bookings showcases the timezone to customers. Visit our Timezones guide for help with configuring these settings.

Calendar Connection (Google Calendar Integration)

WooCommerce Bookings enables one-way or two-way sync with Google Calendar. You need a Google account to use this functionality.

To set up your site’s sync with Google Calendar, read the following documentation: Google Calendar Integration.