Subscribers’ Resubscribe Guide

Resubscribe makes it possible to offer existing subscriptions customers a way to continue existing subscription terms, even after terms have changed.

For example, an existing subscriber can continue to enjoy the old price on their existing subscriptions, even after the product’s price has increased for new subscriptions.

When a customer’s subscription expires or is canceled, they can create a new subscription with the same terms as the original by resubscribing to the inactive subscription from their My Account > View Subscription page.

Clicking the Resubscribe button takes the customer through the normal WooCommerce checkout process to pay for the subscription’s renewal. Once customers pay, they create a new subscription with the same billing terms as the original.

Resubscribing has a number of differences compared to purchasing the same subscription product from the product page, for example, not charging a sign-up fee again. Considered a “renewal” you can find more information about these orders in the Renewal Process Guide.

Resubscribe Button On View Subscription Page

Resubscribe Requirements

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It’s not always possible, or necessary, for a customer to be able to resubscribe to a previous subscription. The Resubscribe button displays on the My Account page when:

  • a status set to expired, pending-cancellation, or canceled
  • at least one successful payment
  • the recurring total is greater than 0. This ensures that prepaid subscriptions cannot be resubscribed to for free, as sign-up fees are not charged during the resubscribe process.
  • product line items that still exist, to avoid errors at checkout when attempting to purchase deleted products
  • the subscription does not include products “limited to one active subscription status”.
  • a customer has not already resubscribed to the same subscription. This prevents customers from resubscribing more than once to the same subscription.