Suspend, Cancel, or Remove an Item

This guide explains how, using WooCommerce Subscriptions, a store manager, customer, or both would suspend a subscription, cancel a subscription, or a remove one or more items from a subscription.

Suspend or Cancel Subscriptions

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Active subscriptions display a Cancel button by default on the View Subscription page. There is no setting to disable cancellations; the Cancel button can only removed from the View Subscription page only via custom code.

You can optionally enable suspensions in Subscription Settings, allowing customers to suspend their subscriptions themselves with a Suspend button added next to the Cancel button. A suspended subscription appears as on-hold both to the store manager and the customer.

When a subscription is put on-hold, either by you or the customer, a Reactivate button is added, allowing the customer to restart their subscription. However, if the subscription is put on-hold because payment is due, then the Reactivate button is not displayed. In that case, the customer must pay for the renewal before a subscription is reactivated.

The buttons also only display if the relevant action is supported by payment gateway used to purchase the subscription. Find out if your payment gateway supports these features at Subscription Payment Gateways.

Requirements to Display Suspend Button

For the suspend button to be displayed:

Requirements to Display Cancel Button

For the cancel button to be displayed:

  • the payment gateway used to purchase the subscription must support subscription cancellation
  • the subscription must currently have a status other than cancelled, trash, expired or pending-cancel
  • the subscription must have at least one future payment as there is no need to cancel a subscription that will end before any future payment is processed
Suspend and Cancel Buttons on the View Subscription Page

Remove a Product from a Subscription

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If a subscription has more than one product line item, the customer can remove some or all but one of those items from the subscription. This allows customers to remove items they initially subscribed to, but no longer wish to receive on each renewal.

To remove an item, the customer should follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Account Subscriptions page.
  2. Select the View button next to the subscription they want to modify.
  3. Click the cross next to the product they want to remove.
  4. Click OK.

After the item is removed, the subscription’s totals updates to remove the cost of that product.

Remove Subscriptions Buttons on View Subscription Page