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Bookings Developer Docs


  • Bookings REST API Reference

    The REST API Reference is targeted at WooCommerce Bookings 1.14.0+ only and written for developers looking to extend or customize WooCommerce Bookings. It requires an advanced understanding of PHP and WordPress development. Booking Slots Slots Properties Attribute Type Description product_ids string Product IDs for slots you want to query. (Comma-separated IDs) category_ids string Category IDs […]

  • WooCommerce Bookings Helper

    The WooCommerce Bookings helper helps you troubleshoot the bookings setup by allowing you to quickly export/import product settings. All exports are in JSON file format and zipped. Download the Bookings Helper plugin. Global Availability Rules Importing global availability rules will overwrite all rules. This is because a bookable product test case depends on these rules. […]

  • Bookings Templates

    WooCommerce Bookings template files contain the markup and template structure for Bookings related pages and HTML emails in your store. Template files can be found within the /woocommerce-bookings/templates/ directory of the Bookings extension, and can be overridden just like WooCommerce core template files. Template List The listing below contains the location and a description of each template Bookings uses. The location is relative […]

  • Bookings Snippets: Tips and Tweaks

    In this document, you will find many useful snippets for customizing the functionality of Bookings. About snippets To use a snippet, you can copy the contained code into your child theme’s functions.php file. Customization Make calendar default to first available booking By default the current month will be shown on the Bookings calendar for performance […]

  • WooCommerce Bookings Calendar CSS Style Elements

    If you want to change the color scheme of the WooCommerce Bookings calendar of the customer view, you can do so by modifying a few CSS styles. If you are not using a child theme for WordPress or your theme does not allow you to enter custom CSS, perhaps you can install the Jetpack plugin which […]

  • Bookings: Action and Filter reference

    Actions and filters listed on this page are specific to WooCommerce Bookings. Actions Action Args Description wc_bookings_updated Fires after a new plugin version is installed. woocommerce_admin_booking_data_after_booking_details Int: Booking ID Fires after customer select box when viewing/editing a booking in admin. woocommerce_admin_process_booking_object Obj: Booking object Fires after data is processed when saving booking through admin, but […]

  • Creating Bookings Programatically

    Bookings can be created programmatically using PHP, should you wish to create a follow-up booking or bookings from other plugins. The function you use is create_wc_booking. The create_wc_booking function The function takes the following arguments: create_wc_booking( $product_id, $new_booking_data = array(), $status = ‘confirmed’, $exact = false ) Product ID: The id of the bookable product which […]

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