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Say Cheese

April 28, 2009 - 27 Comments

Aperture ThemeI know there have been a lot of people eagerly waiting for the launch of this theme and I can now finally say our first dedicated photoblogging theme has arrived.

In mid-March when I posted an early teaser on my blog I received a lot of feedback about what our wonderful Woo users would like to see in a photoblogging theme. I got some great ideas from this and although I couldn’t include all of the requests I’ve tried to build it as best I can, thinking like a woo photographer.

Aperture’s custom built home page makes for an impressive visual display of your portfolio of photos/work/products. Note the slashes there. Aperture has evolved into quite a multi-functional theme. What was originally and predominantly built for photographers can easily be customized for just about any type of website by tweaking the theme options panel and renaming some of the widgets.

Aperture is built on our awesome new Woo-Framework that has an enhanced “Custom Settings” panel to easily upload your featured image for each post. The theme option’s interface has also received a make-over thanks to the wonderful Foxinni.

There’s tons to play with in Aperture – 12 alternate styles, 7 custom Woo widgets and 6 widgetized sidebar and footer spaces should keep you busy!

One of our two grunge styles for Aperture” width=”550″ height=”838″>

I’m not going to post our awesome default style here, have a play with that on our WooThemes Aperture Demo.

The dark blue style for Aperture. One of the 12 styles the theme package comes with!” width=”550″ height=”838″>

So view the demo, read up on the specs of the theme and then give us a little feedback love…

Time to evolve your blog

April 24, 2009 - 27 Comments


We know you like a freebie once in a while, and when we first saw the Meta-Morphosis design by Izzudin Helmi we immediately wanted to develop it into a WordPress theme, and give it away for free! The Photoshop design uses the Delicious font type, and we wanted to try and bring this over to the finished product, something we managed with the help of Cufon.

The layout of the theme is a bit unusual as it has a two column homepage with featured posts on the left, and normal posts on the right, so there is no sidebar like in your traditional theme. All of your widgets go down in the javascript slider in the footer, which is superslick!

We also incorporated the new and improved Woo-Framework in this theme, so you will see some changes in the backend options. The biggest improvement is the ability to upload your thumbnails directly without having to use the old upload, copy+paste link into custom setting field anymore. This also applies to uploading your custom logo in the options panel. We hope to update all our themes with this new functionality soon!

Check out the demo and get downloading already!

4-for-1 April Fool’s offer… [closed]

April 1, 2009 - 44 Comments

WooThemes April Fools Offer Happy April 1st!

Being April 1st you’ve probably already had a few pranks played on you today.

Here at Woo we are scattered all around the world so unfortunately we can’t cover each others computers with post-it notes, or set Adii’s iPhone in jelly, or move ALL the office furniture into Magnus’s office. Sigh…

Instead we are going to try prank you. Or are we…

If you head on over to the themes page and select a theme to purchase you might find a pleasant surprise… Perhaps you might find you can select 4 themes and only have to pay for 1.

Hurry though April Fools jokes are supposed to be made before midday on April 1st. We’ve extended that a bit, cos we nice people, so you have until midday tomorrow (12am GMT, April 2nd 2009)


The 4-for-1 offer is now closed. Our usual wonderful 2-for-1 offer still applies

WooTees – Another woocontest

March 23, 2009 - 61 Comments

Download the WooTees design kit
Download the WooTees design kit

Stop the press. We’ve decided we’ve had enough of wordpress themes and we are now going to be venturing into the t-shirt design business instead.

…… that’s a joke, don’t worry.

April is going to be a monumental month for us at WooThemes as it will be the first time all 5 of us of the WooTeam will be in the same room at the same time!

A few months ago we all decided we would get together for Future of Web Design 2009 in London, England. What better event to attend together to soak up some design goodness from the industry’s best designers.

We’ll hopefully be taking some t-shirts to the event to giveaway and that’s where we need your help – in designing them. We are looking for a kickass design that people want to wear, not your typical promotional tees that get thrown into a cupboard never to be worn. Your design can be trendy, humourous or professional, or even all three – we open to suggestions.


– The winner will receive $500, a 6 month developer license, and their name on the collar of the t-shirt gaining you huge street cred.

– The runner up will receive $250 and a 3 month developer license.

– 3rd place gets you a 6 month developer license.

STATUS UPDATE (16th April 2009):

The winners have been announced on the 99designs site:

Congratulations guys, we’ll be in contact with all of you asap if we haven’t already! For those of you who entered but didn’t win we really appreciate your hard work and commitment to WooThemes.

STATUS UPDATE (6th April 2009):

The contest has been extended for another 3 days and has been taken to for maximum exposure. We ask all our wonderful submissions to be entered into the pool there. Never fear though, we’ll still be tracking the Flickr Pool.

Terms and Conditions

  • The design submitted must be entirely your own work.
  • By entering this competition you consent to your design concept being used by WooThemes and possibly even avaliable for purchase at a later stage. First, second and third prize will, as already stated, be awarded a cash prize for their work.
  • The winners will be required to deliver their design in the required format before payment is made, determined by an inspection of the design source file.

We’ve featured in Web Designer magazine again

March 17, 2009 - 24 Comments

Web Designer Magazine - Issue 155
Web Designer Magazine - Issue 155

That’s right Issue 155 of Web Designer Magazine features us yet again, but this time we have a more prominent feature with a full page dedicated to a Q & A with Adii and a look at the WooThemes headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa.

Issue 155 focuses on WordPress’s impressive and biggest upgrade to date – version 2.7. The magazine features explanations of this version’s highlights, the dashboard editor explained and designer tips and opinions.

We’ve teamed up with Web Designer Magazine and launched three of our popular WooTheme wordpress templates for free on their promotional CD.

That’s about £200’s worth of WooThemes goodness!

Which themes are available on the CD you may ask?

One from each of us. Adii’s Geometric business/portfolio theme, Magnus’s Freshfolio portfolio theme and my magazine theme – Foreword Thinking.

Head on over to your local UK newspaper shop to get your copy or buy this issue online.

Take a tour of WooThemes HQ
Take a tour of WooThemes HQ

We’ve produced something new

March 10, 2009 - 23 Comments

Your company's marketing tool
The stylish marketing tool for your company

Today I can finally announce the launch of our new business theme dedicated to stylishly marketing your products or services, Productum.

Why the name? Productum is latin for “something produced” and seeing we usually fill our theme demos with latin “lorem ipsum” dummy text I thought it was pretty appropriate.

The custom home page makes good use of the prime real estate with a javascript image switcher packing in 4 dedicated images, an about section with linkable buttons, a content area dedicated to one of your wordpress pages, a scrolling carousel dedicated to a specific category of posts, 4 widgetized footer modules and on the inner pages 2 widgetized sidebars with 6 custom woo widgets to use. All of this comes bundled with our wonderful usual theme options panel and 11 colourful styles to chose from.

Ariel and the Southern Media crew helped splice and dice the photoshop work into neat, beautiful code relying on the customizable 960 Grid System. Magnus then helped with his php wizardry skills and we implemented the wonderful woo theme framework.

“Fresh” alternate style for Productum

As always we’d love to hear your feedback.

Find out more about the theme or demo it here.

Good news

February 27, 2009 - 29 Comments

Today we’ve launched Newsport, a very stylish and sophisticated magazine based theme which can house a wealth of blog posts on a clean newspaper-styled homepage.

Newsport was one of the design concepts that was originially submitted in the theme contest we ran last year October. It was designed by Armono Wibowo – an Indonesian web designer – who finished in the top 10 of the competition. Armono also designed Typebased which is available for free on Woothemes.

It was then coded by PSDtoWordPress and woo-erized (adding the icing on the cake) by Magnus, who built some nifty functionality into it, spread across 4 widgetized modules. You can do all sorts of cool things using the theme option’s panel, like swop the category based top navigation bar for a page based navigation top bar. You can move the logo to the left and have a 468 X 60 ad banner next to it. You also have complete control over what categories appear where and you can paint your theme 11 different colours.

Find out more about the theme or demo it here.

WooTube haz homepage!

February 20, 2009 - 14 Comments

When we first designed WooTube, we only intended it to be a simple video browser theme. Some complained that the homepage looked like a single post, probably because that is exactly what it was 🙂 WooTube has been out for nearly a month, and it seems like it has been well received, even though there isn’t any fancy homepage layout for it.

But now there is! A few hours of coding, and voila, an optional homepage layout, which you can turn on from within your options panel. This will add post boxes on the front page, and you have the option of showing the latest video, or disabling it and getting that gallery feel on the theme.

This theme can therefore easily be used as a normal blog/gallery/portfolio or whatever you can imagine it to be. There is no need to add videos to your posts, so you could use it to show of your design work, or run a CSS gallery.

If you already own WooTube and want to know how to upgrade, you should study the changelog.txt and first backup your current theme if you have made any changes to the files.

Let us know your thoughts on the upgrade by checkint out the demo, and if there are any more tweaks that we should add.

The foreword thinking theme

January 20, 2009 - 20 Comments

Foreword Thinking is a theme that as the name suggests has a home page that serves as an introduction to the rest of the website. My initial idea was to create a home page that resembled a magazine’s table of contents page with well presented blog post excerpts drawing you deeper into the content on other pages.

Foreword Thinking space blue style

With alternating vibrant colour blocks (with colours that can be set in the neat theme options) for the featured posts and the date blocks the home page design never gets tired, together with minimal image styling your website should load super quick. If you flick through our 10 different theme styles you should find one that tickles you fancy. If not, customizing a style is a doddle – by changing the background image for example on the wood style to any other image can give your website a completely fresh and unique feel with the bear minimum of effort.

Framed neatly with a colour co-ordinated border around the browser window the theme design has almost a print design feel to it.

Foreword Thinking corporate white style

A clean, corporate white style

A completely widgetized sidebar, that can be housed on the left or the right of your content, means you have complete control of what functionality and navigation you want on you website. The theme comes packed with 7 custom Woo widgets, and has two home page modules available below the “table of contents” section where you can pull through content from any two wordpress pages you have created.

Foreword Thinking wood style with right sidebar

Wooden style with right sidebar and 4 featured posts

What more can we say, the theme should speak for itself so head on over to the demo to have a play or follow us to the purchase links below.

Sneak peek at Productum

January 12, 2009 - 25 Comments

As Adii mentioned last week there are some really exciting themes to look forward to over the next few months.

Lately I’ve been fairly quiet being more involved in creating alternate styles for other designer’s woothemes, then designing themes myself, but over the last few weeks I’ve managed to find some time to work on some designs of my own. The latest being Productum which is a theme dedicated to promoting your product or service.

Click on image to see full size preview
Click on image to see full size preview

Packed into a neat 16 column grid structure this theme comes bundled with a neat product image slideshow, a featured content block, recent news/blog posts and some widgetized modules available on your home page. As always it will be available in a variety of colourful styles. With all these features you should be able to customize Productum enough to have a very slick, professional marketing tool. Might I add this theme is not an e-commerce theme, but will have theme options to easily link buttons to payment facilities.

This theme should be available for purchase in late March/April.

Constructive feedback and feature requests are much appreciated, but we obviously cannot guarantee to accomodate all of them.

How to find page/cat ID

January 8, 2009 - 7 Comments

In this video we show you how to find your category and page ID’s, which is useful for setting theme options or for using when you want to exclude or include with wp_list_categories or wp_list_pages in the template files.

The video will show you that you can find your cat/page ID by hovering over the link on the manage categories/page page in WP admin. You will see the link in your browser statusbar like this:

4-for-1 Christmas special extended

December 24, 2008 - 25 Comments

Today is supposed to be the last day of our Christmas 4-for-1 special , meaning all your Christmas shopping is supposed to be finished.

Fail Blog Special Offer

However, if like me you still haven’t got everything you said you would and you’re now already celebrating this merry time of year we’ve decided to throw you a life line and extend our 4-for-1 special till the end of 2008 , that gives you one more week to take advantage of this fantastic offer!

We thought about changing the offer slightly, and coming up with a clever new catch phrase, but why mess with a winning formula, especially if all you can come up with is this one we found on fail blog .

Happy shopping Woo Users and have a fantastic Christmas!

P.S. See all the special details on the original 4-for-1 offer post here .

P.P.S. This offer will definitely be ending when the clock strikes 12am (GMT) on New Years Eve 2008 . No more extensions.

Veerle Pieter’s Abstract

December 17, 2008 - 32 Comments

WooThemes AbstractToday not only see’s the launch of our Christmas 4 for 1 special, but also the launch of one of our exciting themes that we collaborated with the wonderful Veerle Pieters on – Abstract.

A good few months ago we commissioned Veerle to design us a theme with a typical Veerle flair to it. We requested the theme have a business feel to it, keeping it simple and fun though. That was our only guidelines giving Veerle almost complete creative freedom on this project.

The end product that Veerle supplied us with was a pixel perfect Illustrator mashup of shapes and curvy lines in a harmonious colour palette, laid out neatly in a spacious grid structure. It was professional enough to be used as a business theme, and also fun enough to be used as a personal theme making it quite multi-functional.

Over the last month, we’ve sliced and diced her beautiful photoshop/illustrator design into neat html/css and Adii and Magnus have applied some wordpress wizardry.

I was the lucky one to be selected to create some alternate styles for the theme, not a particularly easy task when working with an industry leading designer’s designs. No pressure. I do hope you enjoy the 4 alternate styles though and will find one that suites your personality.

WooThemes Abstract

Without further ado here is the demo for Abstract for you to marvel at, and below you will find links to purchase it. Remember if you buy this theme in the next week you will be entitled to download 3 other WooThemes. Bargain!

The 4-for-1 Special

December 16, 2008 - 62 Comments

Ho Ho Ho! Santa has arrived a week early here at WooThemes headquarters, bearing lots of gifts and instructing us to dish them out to you in the form of a 4 for 1 special for all our WooTheme visitors!

We’ve run a 3 for 1 special in the past as our Halloween special, but nothing as daring as this. 4 wonderful WooThemes for the price of 1 !

Santa has assured us this is a sensible business move and will help make a lot of people’s Christmas even more merry!

This offer applies to both Single & Developer Licenses, which means you get the following:

  • Buy a Single License for $70 USD and get any 3 other themes (on Single Licenses) of your choice; or
  • Buy a Developer License for $150 USD and get any 3 other themes (on Developer Licenses) of your choice.

For the single license special, each of the 4 themes comes with an individual license, so you can use the themes on 4 different websites.


As with everything in life, there’s some “rules” with regards to the special… :) Here they are:

  1. The special is only valid from 17 December (midnight GMT ) until the end of 24 December 2008 (midnight GMT) the clock strikes 12am on New Years Eve 2008 (we extended the special ) as specified above. No previous purchases will be eligible for this. If you miss the deadline, you will not be able to make use of this special.

To take advantage of this fantastic Christmas present simply select to purchase your favourite theme, for example, our latest theme offering, Abstract (which we collaborated with Veerle Pieters on will be launched with the start of this 4 for 1 promotion – details to follow).

Continue Reading

WooThemes is now running WordPress 2.7!

December 11, 2008 - 53 Comments

We have now updated all our demo themes to the latest version of WordPress! There were no problems at all in the upgrade, so you can go ahead and upgrade! There is no need to update your theme to the latest version if it is working fine on your current installation.

The new version of WordPress sports a brand new admin interface which is incredible in our opinion. Much quicker and better layout than the last one. There are also some new features available in version 2.7 like threaded comments, which we will now start adding to new themes and also our old themes. We are aiming on doing a mass update of all themes with the new features that we believe are worth adding, so stay tuned for an update in the coming week.

Which features would you to see in the future update of our themes? Let us know in the comments below…

Update! We are currently updating our themes to support threaded comments. Here is the list of themes that have been updated:

  • Busy Bee v1.1 – (demo)
  • Gotham News v1.1 – (demo)
  • Abstract v1.0 – (demo)
  • Fresh News v1.4 – (demo)
  • VibrantCMS v1.2 – (demo)
  • Papercut v1.2 – (demo)
  • Gazette v1.3 (demo)
  • Live Wire v1.3 (demo)
  • NewsPress v1.3 (demo)
  • Flash News v1.3 (demo)
  • Over Easy v1.1 (demo)
  • Open Air v1.2 (demo)
  • Thick v1.1 (demo)
  • Typebased v1.1 (demo)

Please review the changelog.txt in the theme directory for info on which files to update. We are working on updating our other themes and will update this post when they are done.

WP-PageNavi Integration

December 10, 2008 - 8 Comments

This tutorial was written by one our awesome forum ninjas – Jordan Hatch.

One common request on our WooThemes Forums is how to integrate the popular WP-PageNavi plugin with one of our themes. Using this quick and simple tutorial, it is really easy.

Installing the Plugin

The first thing you need to do is to grab the latest copy of the plugin from the Plugin Directory , and install it on your site. You can configure how the pages are displayed by going to the ‘Settings’ -> ‘WP-PageNavi’ section of your WordPress Admin Panel, although for this tutorial the defaults should work fine.

For this tutorial, we will be adding the plugin to the category and archive pages. The actual file editing will vary between themes, but the editing will need to be done to the following files, if they exist, inside your theme folder:

  • archive.php
  • tag.php
  • search.php

You will need to find the following code in the files:

  • brush:php

and replace it with:

  • brush:php

Note: If you have trouble finding the code, you should try to find the block of code where the ‘next_posts_link’ is in your file. It should be very similar to the code above.

Save and upload the files to your blog, you will find pagination automatically generated depending on how many posts you have on your site. If you like the links how they currently appear, then you’re done, but if you’d like to style them a bit, read on!

Styling the Links

The WP-PageNavi plugin comes with the ability to style the navigation links to your liking. The default blue colour, for example, may not suit some designs. Now we are going to look at how we can create custom styles for our links.

First, you will need to create a file named ‘pagenavi-css.css’ in your theme folder. The plugin will automatically look for this, and will load it instead of the default if it is present.

For this example, we are going to style the links brown. First, lets copy the default CSS code from WP-PageNavi into our custom CSS file.

wp-pagenavi a, .wp-pagenavi a:link {
padding: 2px 4px 2px 4px;
margin: 2px;
text-decoration: none;
border: 1px solid #0066cc;
color: #0066cc;
background-color: #FFFFFF;
.wp-pagenavi a:visited {
padding: 2px 4px 2px 4px;
margin: 2px;
text-decoration: none;
border: 1px solid #0066cc;
color: #0066cc;
background-color: #FFFFFF;
.wp-pagenavi a:hover {
border: 1px solid #000000;
color: #000000;
background-color: #FFFFFF;
.wp-pagenavi a:active {
padding: 2px 4px 2px 4px;
margin: 2px;
text-decoration: none;
border: 1px solid #0066cc;
color: #0066cc;
background-color: #FFFFFF;
.wp-pagenavi span.pages {
padding: 2px 4px 2px 4px;
margin: 2px 2px 2px 2px;
color: #000000;
border: 1px solid #000000;
background-color: #FFFFFF;
.wp-pagenavi span.current {
padding: 2px 4px 2px 4px;
margin: 2px;
font-weight: bold;
border: 1px solid #000000;
color: #000000;
background-color: #FFFFFF;
.wp-pagenavi span.extend {
padding: 2px 4px 2px 4px;
margin: 2px;
border: 1px solid #000000;
color: #000000;
background-color: #FFFFFF;

Don’t let the amount of CSS we’re pasting into the file seem daunting – if you’re good with CSS then you’ll find this a breeze. However, if you don’t know CSS much, it’s not a problem. We’re going to change the border colour of the links, and I’ll show you what you need to change to do that.

First, let’s have a quick look at what each class means:

  • .wp-pagenavi a, .wp-pagenavi a:link: This is the class for what the user sees when the item is not selected – so it’s the default state.
  • .wp-pagenavi a:visited This is the class for what the user sees when the page has already been visited, but when the user is on a different page.
  • .wp-pagenavi a:hover This is the class for what the user sees when they hover over an item.
  • .wp-pagenavi span.pages This is the class for the box which contains the text “Page 1 of X”.
  • .wp-pagenavi span.current This is the class for the box which contains the current page. There is no link here.
  • .wp-pagenavi span.extend This is the class used for the box found on the far right with ‘…’ (only shown when there is a lot of pages)

The colour we are going to change the border to is ‘#993300’. (If you’d like to use a different colour, head on over to this colour wheel which will pick out the code for you.)

This is the line which we will need to change – the CSS ‘border:’ attribute.

border: 1px solid #0066cc;

The current colour is ‘#0066cc’, but we want to change that to our colour – ‘#993300’. It’s as simple as replacing one with the other. So, it should look like this:

border: 1px solid #993300;

Replace all three occurrances with our updated border code and upload to your server. You should now find your pagination borders brown. You can experiment with this to use background colours and hover states, it’s all up to you!

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