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Cross-Sells block

The Cross-Sells block is included in the Cart block for WooCommerce Blocks 8.6.0 or higher.


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Adding the Cart block to a page is all that’s required to install the Cross-Sells block initially.

If you want to delete the Cross-Sells block, it can be re-added later as an inner block of the Cart block.


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From the Block settings on the sidebar, the merchant can configure how many Cross-Sells products should be visible on the Cart page by using the slider. The merchant can choose between 1 and 6 visible products.


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Which products are supported by the Cross-Sells block?

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The Cross-Sells block supports all products, whether it’s simple products, virtual products, or affiliate products.

Is the logic of the Cross-Sells block the same as the logic of the cross-sells products that are visible in the shortcode-based cart?

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Yes, the logic is the same. Both the Cross-Sells block and the cross-sells products of the short code-based cart get their products using the get_cross_sells() function from WooCommerce. This way, they behave identically.

A customer reports that they’re unable to remove the Cross-Sells block from the Cart block. Is this correct?

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The Cross-Sells block has two inner blocks: the Heading block and the Cross-Sells products block.

If a customer could delete the heading block and the Cross-Sells products block, an empty Cross-Sells block would remain on the site. This would lead to the fact that a customer cannot re-add the Cross-Sells block again. To prevent this, the Cross-Sells products block had been locked and cannot be deleted.