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Start with WooCommerce in 5 Steps

In this Getting Started guide, we teach you how to set up a website with WooCommerce.

Choose Hosting

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Get your store setup quickly with Woo Express – it has all the extensions for a successful store and includes WordPress.com hosting. We have also partnered with a few hosting companies that offer pre-installs of WordPress, WooCommerce, our Storefront theme, and ecommerce features, such as a dedicated IP and SSL certificate to keep your store protected and secure.

Setup Woo Express

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Woo Express includes everything you need to sell your products and services, or to collect payments online:

  • Ultra-high performance managed hosting from WordPress.com to keep your site online 24/7.
  • A selection of handpicked WooCommerce extensions and tools to help you get started fast, sell more types of products, and grow your business.
  • A streamlined navigation and store management experience that brings essential functionality to your fingertips.

You can start a free trial of Woo Express here. For additional plan information and a comparison of the Performance and Essential plans, take a look at our documentation.

Use a Different Host and Install WordPress

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If you choose another host instead of Woo Express you can use the free WordPress software platform. Many hosting companies have one-click WordPress installation available, so be sure to look for this option or ask if it’s available. Otherwise, you can download from WordPress.org and then install by following instructions at How to install WordPress.

Activate WooCommerce

With your self-hosted website up and running, it’s time to install ecommerce functionality with WooCommerce. There are three ways to do this.

  • Create a free account on WooCommerce.com
    • Sign-up for an account on WordPress.com and WooCommerce.com
    • Select from:
      • A pre-installed solution with a trusted host
      • Auto-installing WooCommerce if you have a WordPress site already
      • Download the zip file and do it yourself
  • Install WooCommerce
    • Download the WooCommerce plugin
      • Download the plugin
      • Go to your website
      • Go to: Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload
      • Select the downloaded plugin
      • Install
      • Activate
    • Search for the WooCommerce plugin from within your website
      • Go to your website
      • Go to: Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Plugins
      • Search for “WooCommerce”
      • Install
      • Activate

Upon activating the plugin, you are prompted with a Setup Wizard. We strongly advise following these steps, as it takes you through initial setup.

Pick a Theme

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In the Setup Wizard mentioned above, you will be asked to pick a theme. The theme you choose will determine the starting look and layout of your store/site (though you can customize it from there!). You can use a free theme included with WordPress or purchase a premium theme.

We recommend Storefront and its child themes because they are built and optimized for WooCommerce. Storefront is free. If you wish to add functionality, you can purchase Storefront extensions.

If Storefront isn’t for you, there are lots of other themes that work great with WooCommerce.

Extend WooCommerce

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Grow your store by adding functionality with extensions. We sell extensions for nearly everything: Subscriptions, Bookings, Memberships, payment gateways, shipping, and much more.

You can start a store/website for free and scale up as your customer base and revenue grow. Each extension is purchased on a subscription that gives you access to support and product updates. A subscription is billed annually.

Learn More

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To learn more about working with WooCommerce:

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