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When will I receive deposits for my WooCommerce Payments account balance?

When determining how quickly money you’ve made from purchases on your site will be deposited into to your bank account, there are two time periods to consider.

First, there’s how long it takes the funds to be made available for the next deposit after it’s been received by WooCommerce Payments. This is called the “pending period.” Second, there’s how often any available deposits are actually sent to your bank account. This is called the “deposit schedule.”

The pending period is a standard rolling delay that is determined by the country your business operates in. See the chart below for details on that. The deposit schedule can be changed to suit the needs of your business.

As an example: a merchant based in Canada has a pending period of 7 business days. If a customer purchases from their store on Monday, those fund are added to the merchant’s account balance right away, but not available for deposit until the following Tuesday, 7 business days later. After that, when the funds are sent to their bank depends on the merchant’s deposit schedule.

If the merchant has a daily deposit schedule, the deposit including those funds will be sent on the following Tuesday. As mentioned above, this would be 7 business days from the initial purchase. If the merchant is on a weekly deposit schedule on Thursdays, for example, the funds would be sent on the coming Thursday, a total of 9 business days after the initial purchase.

Another example: a business in New Zealand has a pending period of 4 business days. If that business has a daily deposit schedule, payments made to this account on a Wednesday will be paid out on the following Tuesday. If they have a weekly deposit schedule set for Fridays, the payment would be paid out on the following Friday.

Most banks will reflect the deposit in your account as soon as they receive the transfer from WooCommerce Payments. Some may take a few extra days to make the balance available to you.

You can check the minimum deposit amounts here.

New Account Waiting Period

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The first deposit for all new accounts is initiated after a 7 day waiting period. This waiting period mitigates some risk in providing credit services. The waiting period starts after the first successful charge is processed on your account, not when the account is created.

After the 7 day waiting period for an account is over, the regular pending period will apply, per the chart below. Deposits will begin to be delivered according to the deposit schedule determined for that account.

Note that delays in bank processing times due to weekends, holidays, and so on may affect both the initial waiting period for your first deposit and subsequent deposits.

WooCommerce Payments is built in partnership with Stripe. When you receive your first deposit you may receive a text message from Stripe informing you of its arrival.

Standard Pending Periods

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CountryPending Period
Australia, United States2 business days
New Zealand4 business days
Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom7 calendar days

Other Deposit Schedules

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On occasion, automatic deposits may also be temporarily suspended on an account. In these cases, the WooCommerce team will work to re-enable automatic deposits as soon as possible. Automatic deposits may resume on the same deposit schedule you had before, or another schedule. In any case where a different deposit schedule is applied, a member of the WooCommerce team will reach out to notify you of the change.

If you did not receive an email, or have other questions, please contact support.

Minimum Deposit Amounts

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For most WooCommerce Payment users, there is no minimum requirement for a deposit amount. However, there are some exceptions outlined below:

  • EUR bank accounts have a minimum deposit of 1.00 EUR
  • GBP bank accounts have a minimum deposit of 1.00 GBP
  • CHF bank accounts have a minimum deposit of 5.00 CHF
  • SGD bank accounts have a minimum deposit of 1.00 SGD
  • PLN bank accounts have a minimum deposit of 5.00 PLN

In-Person Payments Deposit Schedule

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Country of accountPending periodExample
United States2 business daysPayments on a Monday are deposited on Wednesday.


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