WooPayments: Tap to Pay on iPhone

With Tap to Pay and the Woo Mobile App, merchants based in the United States and the United Kingdom can accept in-person contactless payments, right on their iPhone — no extra terminals, hardware, or readers needed. 


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Tap to Pay on iPhone is supported for U.S. and UK merchants whose iPhone meets all of the following requirements:

  • iPhone XS or newer.
  • iOS 16.0 (US) / iOS 16.4 (UK) or above.
  • The NFC (near field communication) chip must not be disabled.
  • The device must be signed in to an iCloud account.
  • The device must have a passcode set.

NOTE: UK merchants require version 15.9 or above of the Woo Mobile App.

Application download and installation

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  1. Make sure you have WooCommerce and WooPayments installed and activated on your store.
  2. Download the WooCommerce Mobile App for iOS.
    • If you already have the app installed, ensure it has been updated to the latest version.
  3. Follow the instructions to register and/or log in.

First-time setup

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  1. When viewing the details of an unpaid order, tap on the Collect Payment button, then tap on Card.
  2. You will be given the option to collect the payment using Tap to Pay on iPhone or a Bluetooth Reader.
  3. After selecting Tap to Pay on iPhone since this is the first time using the feature, the app will check that your device is ready to use Tap to Pay on iPhone and display a prompt to accept the terms and conditions.
  4. You will have the option to continue with your device’s Apple ID or another Apple ID.
    • Your Apple ID will be associated with a merchant account through Apple for merchant account management, fraud prevention, and compliance purposes.
    • You can unlink your Apple ID from a merchant account by contacting Apple Support or following the instructions sent by email after setup.

Collecting payments via Tap to Pay

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You can accept payments for existing orders via Tap to Pay on your iPhone, but you can also quickly process simple payments — which are payments with a variable dollar amount that are not tied to an order. This provides you with flexibility to determine how you accept payments.

NOTE: Tap to Pay on iPhone can only collect payment in the country’s default currency — for example, UK merchants can only accept payments in GBP.

If a customer uses a different currency, Tap to Pay on iPhone will not be available to collect payment.

Collecting payments for orders

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Tap to Pay on iPhone can be used with orders created within the app or orders that were placed by customers on your site that have an order status of Pending Payment.

To collect the payment for an order:

  1. Navigate to the Orders tab.
  2. Tap on the order for which you’d like to collect payment.
  3. Tap on the Collect Payment button.
  4. Select the Tap to Pay on iPhone option.
  5. The built-in reader will prepare to take the payment and then display the payment screen.
  6. The card or phone used as the payment method can be tapped on the area indicated.
  7. The app will process the payment.

NOTE: Tap to Pay will adjust your inventory if the payment is associated with a specific product or products.

Collecting simple payments (deprecated in app version 18.2)

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Note: this feature has been deprecated in app version 18.2. Please use order creation for full order features.

Tap to Pay on iPhone can also be used to collect Simple Payments for a quick transaction.

  1. Navigate to the Menu tab.
  2. Click on the Payments option under the General heading.
  3. Select Collect Payment.
  4. Enter the amount to collect.
    • Optional: Add the customer’s email and/or a note about the transaction.
  5. Toggle the tax collection on or off, as needed.
  6. Select the Take Payment button.
  7. Select the Tap to Pay on iPhone option.

NOTE: This method of payment collection will not adjust your inventory.