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  • Turning Automatic Renewals On/Off

    WooCommerce Subscriptions includes an optional feature, the auto renewal toggle, that allows stores to accept both manual and automatic payments for subscriptions. When activated, it lets your customers switch between automatic and manual renewals whenever they choose.  Activating the Auto Renewal Toggle By default, the auto-renewal toggle is not turned on in the Subscriptions settings. […]

  • Subscriber’s View

    This guide provides an overview of the functionality available to customers who purchase a subscription in your store via Woo Subscriptions. For an overview of features for store managers, see the Subscriptions Store Manager Guide.  My Account Pages After a customer has purchased one or more subscription products with your store, they can view details […]

  • Suspend, Cancel, or Remove an Item

    This guide explains how, using WooCommerce Subscriptions, a store manager, customer, or both would suspend a subscription, cancel a subscription, or a remove one or more items from a subscription. Suspend or Cancel Subscriptions Active subscriptions display a Cancel button by default on the View Subscription page. There is no setting to disable cancellations; the Cancel button […]

  • Pay for Renewal

    Automatic renewals for subscriptions is the most common payment configurations for merchants using WooCommerce Subscriptions. However, there are situations where merchants may want to implement a “manual renewal” process that would require a customer to pay for their renewal from My Account > Subscriptions. Additionally, subscribers would need to manually renew if their automatic renewal […]

  • Manage Payment Methods – Subscriptions

    Gateways which support tokenization allow your customers to save information about their credit card or other payment methods. This communicates with the payment processor for future payments instead of requiring the customer to enter their credit card details again. This is a feature of WooCommerce, not the Subscriptions extension. WooCommerce stores these payment methods on […]

  • Change Address on Subscriptions

    If a subscriber wants to have their products shipped to a different address, or they move and need to update their billing address, they can update the address(es) used for their subscriptions from the My Account page by clicking the “Change Address” button. Customers will see this button when: Customers can use two methods to […]

  • Subscribers’ Guide to Switching Subscriptions

    If you allow customers to switch between subscription products on your site, they will be able to upgrade or downgrade between different subscription products via the View Subscription page. The Switch Process To switch subscriptions, the customer: The screenshots below show a customer switching from one subscription variation to another as per the steps above. […]

  • Subscribers’ Resubscribe Guide

    Resubscribe¬†makes it possible to offer existing subscriptions customers a way to continue existing subscription terms, even after terms have changed. For example, an existing subscriber can continue to enjoy the old price on their existing subscriptions, even after the product’s price has increased for new subscriptions. When a customer’s subscription expires or is canceled, they […]

  • Activating/Deactivating Auto Renew

    Enabling the “Auto Renew Toggle” setting under WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions allows subscribers to activate or deactivate their automatic subscription renewal payments at any time. This will only change the subscription’s payment method to manual renewal but won’t stop the renewal completely or cancel the subscription. This page explains how a subscriber would activate/deactivate […]