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How do I delete unwanted or duplicate accounts?

Unwanted accounts can happen with WooCommerce Payments. Sometimes you start onboarding and then have to step away and not finish. When you go through the setup again, you may get a notice that there is another WooCommerce Payments account set up with the same email address.

When can an account be deleted? ↑ Back to top

Unwanted or duplicate accounts can be deleted if:

  1. There are no transactions associated with the account, or
  2. if the account does have transactions associated, they were only made in sandbox / testing mode.

Our data compliance procedures mean that we don’t delete accounts that have a history of live transactions.

What steps do I need to take? ↑ Back to top

If the account meets the criteria above, do the following:

  1. Contact WooCommerce Support
  2. In your ticket please provide
    • the email address associated with both accounts, and
    • your website URL. 

On our side, we will review your accounts, and confirm with you which WooCommerce Payments account should be connected to your store. Once we’ve confirmed the account is eligible for deletion, and have your approval, we will then delete the unwanted account(s) to ensure your site is properly set up. 

Can I reuse an email attached to an unwanted account? ↑ Back to top

If the account qualifies for deletion as per the criteria in the section above, then the account can be deleted. It will free up the email to be reused when repeating the onboarding process. However, if the account does not qualify for deletion, it is also not possible to change its email address.

In that case, depending on your email provider, the + modifier could enable reusing the same inbox. For example, many email providers consider myaccount@example.com to be interchangeable with myaccount+aswell@example.com and emails sent to either address will end up in the same inbox. Check your email provider’s docs to verify that they offer this feature.

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