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WooCommerce Payments Documentation

Welcome to the WooCommerce Payments documentation! Here you can find all sorts of helpful information about running your business website and taking payments. Please see the sections below for more information about what WooCommerce Payments can do for you.

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Startup Guide

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The Startup Guide contains a step-by-step introductions to getting up and running with WooCommerce Payments. It takes you from not evening having the plugin installed all the way through installation, testing, and taking your first payment. This is the guide to read if you’re just starting out with WooCommerce Payments.

Learn the basics

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After you have WooCommerce Payments up and running, our Managing Money guide is the next document to review. It shows you the fundamentals of how to operate your store, including how to view your deposits, issue refunds to customers, and so on.

Similarly, our Settings Guide explains every setting in WooCommerce Payments and how you can configure things to best suit your website and business model.

Specific topics

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These pages are collections of documents about a specific topic, such as account management or in-person payments. They contain in-depth documentation pages on one particular topic. These pages assume that you already have WooCommerce Payments installed and are payments with it on your site. Our topic pages are:

Contact Support

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If you have specific questions not covered in our documentation, please contact support. Our expert Happiness Engineers are standing by and ready to answer any questions about WooCommerce Payments or WooCommerce in general.


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