WooPayments: Fees & Debits

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WooPayments uses a “pay-as-you-go” pricing model. In other words, there are no setup fees, monthly fees, or other hidden charges. Instead, our fees are deducted directly from each payment made via WooPayments.

The exact fees we charge differ based on various factors, such as:

  • The country your business is located in.
  • The country your customer is located in.
  • The currency with which the customer paid.
  • The payment method chosen by the customer.

Please see our full list of fees for a detailed breakdown. Also note that fees are not refunded when you issue refunds to your customers.

Fees and currencies

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WooPayments charges foreign exchange fees when the currency of the payment differs from the currency of your deposit account. It may also be helpful to know what currency is used to determine these fees.

Debits and negative balances

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Your WooPayments balance can become negative for a few reasons. In some cases, this may cause WooPayments to debit your connected bank account to recover from the negative balance. In other cases, incoming charges will cause the balance to rise over time, until it becomes positive again and deposits resume as normal.

Customer statements

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In some cases, customers may see a charge from WooPayments or WooPay.id on their card statement. This can happen if a WooPayments account does not have a statement descriptor properly configured.

You can learn more about the WooPayments and WooPay.id statement descriptors here.