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  • Configuring WooCommerce Settings

    On this and the following pages we walk through explanations of the settings available to you in WooCommerce. When you go to WooCommerce > Settings you’ll see there are tabs across the page for the different kinds of settings. The settings tabs included in the WooCommerce plugin are: General Settings WooCommerce general settings include your […]

  • Setting up Taxes in WooCommerce

    A step-by-step guide to setting up Tax Rates for your store

  • Shop Currency

    Currency Settings WooCommerce has a number of different currency options to choose from when setting up your store. This page will guide you through the following information:  Setting a store’s base currency Each WooCommerce store can set one base currency. This currency will be displayed throughout your store and is the currency in which you […]

  • How Taxes Work in WooCommerce

    There are more challenging tax configurations where an understanding of how taxes work in WooCommerce help with configuration and troubleshooting. Let’s take a look at a few nuances. Related guides for additional reference: Defining Prices Product prices can be defined as either: When we say defined including tax, we are referring to the taxes of […]

  • How to configure specific tax setups in WooCommerce

    The tax scenarios in this document are step-by-step guides that show how to configure specific tax setups in WooCommerce. They provide all the steps needed to achieve a particular outcome but without going into detail. Due to the uniqueness and variety of stores out there, the scenarios are not exhaustive and for illustration purposes only. […]

  • Product Reviews

    Product reviews are a powerful tool for online conversions and establishing loyal relationships with your customers. WooCommerce allows customers to create reviews with star ratings and for the shop owner to moderate and reply to customer reviews. Studies show that a product review or a recommendation from another shopper, has a large effect on a […]

  • EU VAT July 2021 changes, eCommerce, and WooCommerce

    Overview The European Union (EU) introduced new regulations related to Value Added Tax (VAT) on July 1, 2021. Merchants selling across borders within the EU or importing to the EU need to comply. In this documentation we will provide key changes and scenarios for the new changes, although this is not exhaustive. For general advice […]

  • WooCommerce Menu Items

    Activating WooCommerce adds 4 main menu items to the WordPress admin dashboard. Click here for a closer look.

  • Understanding the WooCommerce System Status Report

    The WooCommerce System Status report is useful for troubleshooting issues with your store. Containing a wide variety of information and tools, you can check software versions, server settings, and more from within. System Status To view your System Status report: WordPress Environment This provides general information about your site and WordPress installation and features you […]

  • MaxMind Geolocation Integration

    WooCommerce allows shop owners to automatically geolocate customers and display tax rates and shipping methods specific to a customer’s location. In order to determine the correct location for a customer, as of version 3.9+, WooCommerce uses an integration with MaxMind Geolocation. This document covers: Enabling Geolocation To enable the MaxMind Geolocation Integration: After geolocation is […]