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Written by Warren Holmes on June 4, 2014 Blog.

If you didn’t know, we’re a lean and data-focused company. This means we pay attention to what our customers’ needs through all the metrics we can possibly collect, evaluate what those metrics mean, have conversations with our customers and change course as needed. This enables us to be as efficient with our resources as possible. As our customer, you ultimately benefit as we attempt to make sure we’re spending as much time as we can developing the products, helpful content, and support you need.

We also want to ensure that we’re pricing our products effectively, and packaging those offerings in ways which make sense for you. Unlike in another blog post, we’re actually lowering the price of some of our products and simplifying our offering. 🙂

We’re lowering theme prices

Today, we’re lowering the price of (almost) all our themes. Our Standard Package decreases from $99 to $79 and the Developer Package decreases from $179 to $139. The only theme which doesn’t change price is Canvas.

We’re able to do this because of a better understanding of how you’ve been using our bonus themes offering. Just 28% of all customers ever select their bonus themes. And while it may be marketed as a ‘free’ package perk, we’ve always had to take the support & maintenance costs into consideration. Recently, we experimented with a trial removing any sales copy about the bonus themes and have not seen any decrease in our themes sales.

At these new price points, we’re hoping that you’ll enjoy more value for your money. The simplification of our offering also means we’ll be able to introduce different price points for our themes — not all themes are created equal. We’ve started that process today by setting the price of the very popular The One Pager Theme to $59, a price point which better reflects the offering available with that theme.

Our new price point doesn’t mean you can expect any less quality from our themes. We’re hard at work on our new WooFramework, new themes and a couple of other new products we know you’re going to love. More on that later.

To sum it all up

  • Bonus themes have been removed.
  • Our Standard Package is now $79 and our Developer Package is now $139.
  • The price of Canvas remains unchanged.
  • If you previously purchased a theme with bonus themes, you’ll still have access to select your bonus themes.

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