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  • Android & iOS Apps – Troubleshooting Errors Loading Data

    If you are having trouble loading data such as your store stats, orders, products, or reviews in the Woo app, here are some potential issues that could be causing this problem and how to solve them: Updating the WooCommerce database If data in the app isn’t loading as expected, you’ll first want to make sure […]

  • Android & iOS Apps — Login Help & FAQ

    Enter Store Address Where can I find my store address? If you can visit your store on your desktop, you already have the store address. You can get it from the address bar (the place where you enter your store name in your browser app). This is the same address your customers will access to […]

  • Creating or editing orders on the mobile app

    The latest versions of the mobile apps (versions 8.9.0 and above) give you the ability to create orders. Note: To obtain the best experience, we recommend you update your store to the latest version of WooCommerce. The mobile apps currently support: Creating a new order Follow these steps to create an order: Adding Products & […]

  • Jetpack Setup Instructions for the WooCommerce Mobile App

    Thanks for installing the WooCommerce app! You’re almost ready to manage your store on the go with Jetpack-powered features like visitor stats and push notifications for new orders! Here are the step-by-step instructions for installing Jetpack and connecting it to your WooCommerce store. You’ll be up and running in no time! Step 1: Install the […]

  • Share Payment Link

    Share Payment Link is a new feature added to WooCommerce Mobile (from WCiOS 8.3 and WCAndroid 9.6) to help collect payments from your customers. With this new functionality, you can share a payment link with your customers through social networks, emails, or messages. Creating a Payment Link You can create a Payment Link for any […]

  • Troubleshooting Image Upload Issues in the Woo Mobile Apps

    Below listed are some potential error messages that you can see from the Woo app when trying to upload product images or downloadable files: The corresponding HMAC for this file does not match This usually means that the file(s) you want to upload exceeds the limit imposed by the server. The simplest test to check […]

  • What is a WordPress.com account?

    A WordPress.com account is the passport that allows you to access WooCommerce.com and other services owned by Automattic such as Jetpack, Gravatar, and Akismet. We use a WordPress.com account to manage logins for WooCommerce.com. To shop and manage purchases on WooCommerce.com, you’ll need to use your WordPress.com account. Do I need a WordPress.com account to […]

  • WooCommerce for Android

    The official WooCommerce for Android App is now available for free from the Google Play Store via WooCommerce.app. This guide walks you through setup, including how to connect to your store and how to use the app. Requirements *Older versions of the OS may be used but will not support the latest version of the apps […]

  • WooCommerce for iOS

    The official WooCommerce iOS App is available for free from the Apple iTunes Store via WooCommerce.app. This guide walks you through setup, including how to connect to your store and how to use the app. Requirements The official WooCommerce iOS App also can be used with the iPad. *Older versions of iOS may be used, but will not […]

  • Accepting In-Person Payments with the Stripe WooCommerce Extension

    With the Stripe WooCommerce Extension, your customers can pay for products and services in-person using the M2 card reader. Alternatively, you can get started with no additional hardware using Tap to Pay on iPhone, or Tap to Pay on Android. In-Person Payments via Stripe is available to qualified merchants using iPhone, iPad, or Android devices […]