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WordPress is turning 10 and we’re hosting the party!

May 22, 2013 - 12 Comments


In case you haven’t heard yet – this coming Monday (27 May 2013) will be exactly 10 years since the first release of WordPress. WordPress started with the release of v0.70 and has gone through almost 80 stable revisions in the 10 years since then, with the latest stable version being v3.5.1. Over that time, WordPress has been downloaded just shy of 21 million times and that number grows exponentially every single day.

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Peddling ahead of the curve

May 9, 2013 - 47 Comments


Today, we’re excited to share a design with you all which captured our attention from the first moment we laid eyes on it. Clean, crisp and generous with open space are 3 characteristics that come to mind when introducing this bright new entry into our catalog. Ladies and gentlemen… peddling onto stage today is Peddlar, our latest WordPress theme.

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Case study: Moving from Virtuemart to WooCommerce

May 8, 2013 - 27 Comments

I’m and I run Red Giant Design – a digital marketing and design studio from sunny Durban, in South Africa.

We recently redeveloped one of our biggest online stores to date, BFore sells cell phones with airtime, tablets, televisions and other home electronic goods online to consumers in South Africa.

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Case study: Woocommerce + XERO + SwipeHQ = Accounting Bliss

May 6, 2013 - 15 Comments

dave-robertsDave Roberts of Gurumedia shares his experience integrating his multiple WooCommerce powered eCommerce sites with Xero and SwipeHQ to ensure a streamlined accounting process.

We have several eCommerce sites and we’re looking for a way to automate things. My old system involved me re-typing each sale into my accounting software so when I saw that Woocommerce had a XERO extension I loaded up a test trial of Xero and grabbed the XERO extension from your site. I had looked at trying to integrate our old accounting package but quotes were coming in at well over $1000 to do this so the Xero extension at only $79 for a 5 site licence felt very reasonable and I am loving cloud based accounting!

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Join our support team

May 2, 2013 - 15 Comments


WooCommerce is quickly becoming our most popular and most supported product line. While we continue to optimize our passive resources, demand for individual support is continuing to increase.

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Welcoming May with 7 more WooCommerce extensions

May 2, 2013 - 31 Comments


Following on from last weeks release, today we have 7 more WooCommerce extensions for you to enjoy. There’s splash pop ups, quickview, bulk variation forms and a Customer/Order XML Export Suite. Plus the much awaited RedSys (Servired) payment gateway for our friends in Spain. ¡Vamonos!

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Customer Happiness Report (April 2013)

May 1, 2013 - 6 Comments

We’ve reached the end of April, and it should come as no surprise it was another eventful month here at WooThemes! We started our month with some well done maintenance on our own site here. We ourselves needed to update our own WooCommerce setup, among many other updates, to help alleviate some sore spots on the site. The update went smooth and the ship was back up and running in no time! We also published three new case studies this month, and alongside that rolled out three WooCommerce extension drops. If you thought we stopped there, guess again. In the middle of WooCommerce drops we released our latest theme, Resort, sponsored and thoroughly enjoyed WordSesh, retired a few themes, and finally pushed out major updates to Canvas and Sensei! Oh, and one more thing, our FREE Features and Testimonials plugins got some very nice updates as well!

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Earning and Learning with Sensei

April 26, 2013 - 45 Comments


So, you want to start a site selling your educational material and you want to earn recurring revenue? Well, you’ve come to the right place! All you need to do is use our learning plugin, Sensei, with WooCommerce and the Subscriptions extension and you are on your way to selling Courses!

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An April Shower of WooCommerce goodies

April 25, 2013 - 25 Comments


It’s that time again, more WooCommerce extensions comin’ atcha!

This week we’re excited to release our Checkout Field Editor which we know has been high on peoples request list for some time. There is also URL Coupons to link customers directly to active coupons, Cost of Goods Sold to generate profit reports and 4 new payment gateways. Check em out!

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Case Study: Edwin Pireh

April 23, 2013 - 6 Comments

greg-douglasHi my name is Greg Douglas. I am the Creative Director at Premium Interactive based in Los Angeles, CA. This is a case study for

The Project

Based in Melbourne, Edwin Pireh specializes in designing hand-made, premium quality, luxury silk ties and scarves. The challenge in designing and developing this website solution was to take the inspiration given to us by the client and establish an upscale, luxury online brand with a unique and customized UX design without compromising the responsive nature built into the WooTheme we selected. To capture the essence of this premium brand we felt the theme that best fit our needs was the “Athena” theme. We felt the homepage could be customized to reflect an upscale brand and the shop page template would be the right fit for achieving our goals for creating a unique shop UX design.

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Case Study: Stavanger Golf Club

April 19, 2013 - 17 Comments

When I was asked to redesign the website for my local golf club a couple of months ago, I knew it was time to update the theme too. I wanted to create the new design using a child theme, and the obvious choice for a parent theme was Canvas. Canvas is our most versatile theme that works great for quickly putting together a website with a child theme.

The custom previous version of the Stavanger Golfklubb website.
My previous design of the Stavanger Golf Club website.

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Special Delivery! Incoming shipment of new WooCommerce shipping extensions

April 18, 2013 - 14 Comments


It sure feels like a long time since I’ve been able to announce an extension drop! This release, along with last weeks Pre-Orders launch happily marks our getting back into the swing of WooCommerce extension releases (WooHoo).

Today we’re launching five new shipping extensions including an extensive Shipwire integration, Royal Mail & New Zealand Post. Plus a big update to an old favourite…

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Pruning our themes catalog

April 17, 2013 - 20 Comments

Here at WooThemes HQ, examining, refining and streamlining our product offering is of paramount importance to us. This helps to ensure you all receive the best possible offering across our various product ranges.

Now firmly into the second quarter of 2013, we felt it to be an appropriate point to examine the themes area of our product range and apply some of our regular pruning.

Part of our 2013 strategy here at Woo is continued simplification and refocusing. One way in which we do this is to retire older themes. The reasoning behind this is that we feel we’ve managed to replace them with newer themes that boast more functionality / features and better designs, and also because only a very small percentage of our customers seem to find value in them within our catalog. We approached all customers who purchased any of these themes within the past 5 months, asked questions and analysed the data before settling on this decision.

So from the end of April 2013, we’ll be retiring these 15 themes:

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Take a trip to the Resort

April 16, 2013 - 49 Comments


Today, we’re proud to announce the latest addition to the WooThemes theme catalog. With a layout that has proven itself time and again online, as well as an array of helpful and informative features… ladies and gentlemen, meet Resort.

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Canvas v5.2 – Full width layout and new mobile menu

April 16, 2013 - 64 Comments

Sometimes a theme update deserves a blog post to highlight new features. This is such a time and we think you’ll love the new additions to Canvas, our flagship theme.

Full Width Layout Option

A much used tutorial in our knowledge base was how to make the header, navigation and footer full width. We’ve now added this as an option to Canvas so everyone can use this type of layout.

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Are you ready for WordSesh?

April 11, 2013 - 13 Comments


One of our very own talented ninjas here at WooThemes, Scott Basgaard (you may also know him as Scotty B), has been working hard behind the scenes to organize an event for the WordPress community dubbed “WordSesh”.

WordSesh will be 1 full day of live* WordPress presentations from all over the world streamed live to you wherever you may be. Oh and… did we tell you it’s FREE?!

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