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WooCommerce CRM & Ticketing System by Richpanel

WooCommerce CRM

Respond to customers faster on Chat, Email, Facebook and Instagram from one simple dashboard.

Used daily by 1,000+ merchants, Richpanel is a modern, easy to use CRM & Ticketing Systems specially designed for WooCommerce.

Installation: ↑ Back to top

  • Go to Plugins, then click “Add New”. Upload the plugin you downloaded from WooCommerce
  • Install the plugin and click “Activate”
  • Go to WordPress admin -> Richpanel
  • Enter your API key and API Secret {will be provided once you register on Richpanel} and save the configuration. The API Key & Secret can be found under Richpanel -> Data -> Sources -> WooCommerce as shown in the pic below.
  • After entering the API keys & Secret in WordPress, click “Save Settings”
  • Click ‘Export Orders’


Usage: ↑ Back to top

Configure a Live Chat messenger ↑ Back to top

You can configure the messenger to match the look and feel of your website. Inside Richpanel, navigate to Service Cloud -> Channel -> Chat.

live chat

Connect Support Email ↑ Back to top

Connect as many support emails as you like. Navigate to Service Cloud -> Channels -> Email. And follow the steps to add emails addresses.

Email Helpdesk

Manage Conversations from All Channels Inside the Helpdesk ↑ Back to top

Customers can contact you on chat or email. And you can respond to all channels from one view.


See & Use WooCommerce Data in Responses ↑ Back to top

See customer’s latest order, tracking details & latest status right next to each conversation. Agents dont have to switch back & forth between tools and will be super efficient.

WooCommerce CRM

Setup Chat Bots to Support Customers Even When Teams are Busy ↑ Back to top

Chat bots can qualify visitors, set reply-time expectations & do skill based routing. Saving agents precious time and increasing their productivity.

Chat bots


Measure Team Performance with Helpdesk Reports ↑ Back to top

See how teams are faring on response times & customer feedback. Navigate to insights -> Helpdesk Reports -> Team Performance.

helpldesk reports


Help & Support: ↑ Back to top

Hopefully, you have found this article helpful but if you have any additional questions, feel free to start a chat with us on Richpanel – we are available 24/7/365!

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