New WooCommerce Store Owner Guide

Building a new store on WooCommerce? Excellent. You’ve chosen the most customizable platform for your online business. Start a new store and let our introductory tips and articles below guide you from setup to first sale.

The First Things To Customize

When setting up your store, some of the first things you’ll need to make are choices about homepage design, menus, site structure, as well as payment and shipping options. Read more and start customizing.

Goal: Choose a theme and design your homepage, and explore payments and shipping options. Then learn about updates and creating backups.

Set Up Products And Pages

What are you selling? Be sure to understand your options around product types and payment options. Read more about the important features of an eCommerce site’s design, and then start setting up products, pages, categories, and variations.

Goal: Create your products and pages.

Set Up Products And Pages

Add Store Features And Functionality

The easiest way to add features and functionality, customize your customer journey, optimize checkout, and more – is with WooCommerce extensions. Learn how to install an extension, then browse the most popular free and paid WooCommerce extensions.

Goal: Add an extension to your store.

Add Store Features And Functionality

Tips For Making Your First Sale

Once you’re all set up, driving traffic to your store to make your first sale is the next chapter. Email, SEO, social media, and live chat are all worth exploring. View our top 10 marketing extensions and learn how to spend your first $50 on marketing.

Goal: Connect Google Listings & Ads, Facebook, and Mailchimp.

Measure And Track Performance

Understanding key ecommerce metrics, as well as what reporting options are built into WooCommerce, is a great start, but for insights and conversion optimization, we recommend connecting to Google Analytics. Read more and start measuring.

Goal: Connect Google Analytics.

Measure And Track Performance

Maintenance, Security, and Privacy

Be guided by our security checklists to ensure you’re store is safe and secure, and learn best practice for updating WooCommerce, and storing customer data. Read more and secure your store.

Goal: Pre and post launch security checked.

Join The WooCommerce Community

Something customers consistently tell us they love about WooCommerce, is the encouragement and support of our global community. From forums to tutorials to Slack chats to local meetups – get involved. Read more and get connected.

Goal: Join the WooCommerce community