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WooCommerce & Friends Holiday Tips 2016

Is your store ready for the holiday hustle? Explore our tips and optimization ideas for store preparation, browsing experience, checkout-conversion and after-sale optimization. Brought to you by WooCommerce and friends.


A developer’s checklist to optimizing your store for the holidays

Learn from one WooExpert what you should be doing now to prepare your store for the influx of holiday traffic, shoppers and purchases.


Post-purchase emails to send to holiday customers

Don’t let your relationship with holiday shoppers end at the order receipt. Here are post-purchase emails you can try to bring them back again and again.

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How bundled products can boost your holiday sales

Boost your sales this holiday season with a bundle or two. Learn how product bundles can lead to higher interest and amazing sales.


How to prepare for post-holiday returns

Post-holiday returns don’t have to be a pain. Here’s how to prepare your team and your store for the influx of returns and exchanges.

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Optimizing your payment process for a successful holiday season

Read about five things you should review on your store to ensure a smooth, customer-friendly payment process this holiday season.

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Helpful tips for holiday landing pages

Whether it’s a product page or a simple form, where a shopper starts their journey matters. Here’s how to create and optimize landing pages for the holiday season.


How to handle common holiday shipping issues

Learn how to address common issues that might arise during the busy holiday shipping season, and how you can keep your customers smiling.

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How to prepare for the post-holiday tax season

The post-holiday season can be a perfect storm of profits… and taxes. Read what you should do now to prepare for the busy tax season in January.

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How to prepare your store for holiday traffic

Prepare your store for holiday traffic and guarantee that you’re ready to handle the hoards of customers coming your way.


Why process is key to providing memorable holiday support

If you want your holiday shoppers to have a good experience, you need good support. Learn how support processes can lend a helping hand.

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How to get holiday shopper-friendly site navigation

Find out how to get clear, compelling navigation that works for your holiday shoppers, no matter what they’re trying to find or where they’re looking.


Getting your WooCommerce settings right for the holiday rush

Thinking big picture this holiday season? Great, but don’t miss the little details. Learn which WooCommerce settings you should double-check right now.


WooCommerce extensions to try for holiday sales

Use these select extensions to offer holiday shoppers better deals, send targeted emails, and spread the word about your sales.


How to make your WooCommerce store stand out during the holidays

Running a sale or selling great products isn’t enough. Learn a few new ways to bring in the most shoppers possible during this holiday season.


How to make the most of email marketing during the holidays

Using email marketing to reach holiday customers? Here’s what you should know about those emails – and how to get them read.

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Four social media ideas for the holidays

Planning to promote your store with social media this holiday season? Here are four ideas you can use to reach more customers and increase your sales.

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