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Product Revenue

The report on Product Revenue represents the total net revenue per product for any desired period of time. This report provides specific insights:

  • What is the composition of the company’s revenue?
  • Which products contribute more to our total revenue?
  • What is the total net revenue generated per product and country?
  • In which markets is a product line more successful?
The data provided by the Product Revenue report is useful to study the profitability and profit margins of products sold. When it is looked at along with the reports on Unit Sales and Products by Country, it further allows to analyze the average selling prices for products or whole product categories.
Recent Product Revenue for Men’s Clothing
Where the amount of different products and distribution channels makes a broader classification necessary, a feasible approach to analyzing the data can be based on product categories created for internal reporting. Segmented results are obtained by use of the report’s product and product category filters. This can be refined further by placing focus on regions, using the report’s country filter. Where sales are made in multiple currencies, the report will produce results based on the currency chosen.
Q1 Product Revenue for Men’s Clothing